The Mindy Project Season 1 Review “Halloween”

Mindy had an unexpectedly pleasant run-in with her old boyfriend, Tom, on this week’s episode of The Mindy Project, “Halloween.” Tom’s attitude towards Mindy made it very clear that he had many reasons to be afraid of Mindy, but it seems as though she has made some significant progress in her healing process and is no longer feeling the need to physically attack Tom intentionally.

Although her encounter with Tom was the spark that motivated Mindy to pursue things with Josh, Tom did not stay integral to the plot. Mindy was upset after finding out that Tom and his wife were pregnant, but she didn’t dwell on Tom for much longer. Unlike a lot of rom-com heroines, Mindy didn’t sit there and pine for Tom, or wonder what she could have done differently, or call Tom and go crazy on him. She was frustrated with her situation, but she didn’t waste any more time blaming him or being angry with him for her problems.

Even if Mindy doesn’t seem to be all that in to him just yet, it probably helped that she had Josh to focus her energy on. Mindy gave Tom a spot-on description of Josh that basically made him out to be a sort of lovable arrogant jerk. It seems like a contradiction in terms, but Josh is a lovable jerk, and I was surprised by how much I started to like him in this episode. While practically everything he says is condescending, he also comes off as completely clueless and totally harmless. He’s not really sarcastic and he says everything so cheerfully that it’s as if he’s got no idea that the words coming out of his mouth are so obnoxious.

I really enjoy Josh with Mindy, because she can spar with him verbally and usually come out on top. She’s got experience with the lovable jerk type in Danny and it takes a lot more work to get to Danny’s friendly and cheerful side. In comparison, Josh ends up being pretty easy to handle.

Mindy isn’t intimidated or even very impressed by Josh, and that might be part of why he’s so drawn to her. If actions speak louder than words, Josh wins all the points. The things that come out of his mouth make him seem like a total ass, but tracking down that Inigo Montoya costume from just to impress Mindy on their Halloween party date was really cute.

Meanwhile, Danny and Jeremy were out trying to finally get their driver’s licenses. You’d think that DMV testing would be a breeze for someone who got through medical school, but Danny had attached all sorts of emotional significance to the “freedom” of having a driver’s license.

Jeremy was still the one-dimensional smooth talking British doctor character, but I enjoyed him tonight more than I have in past stories where he was basically just talking about all the women he seduced. The bulk of Jeremy’s involvement in this subplot was to be the foil for Danny. While Danny was busy psyching himself out with hard work and study, Jeremy charmed his way through the DMV. Like Danny, we eventually came to expect that Jeremy had traded sexual favors for Danny’s retake – so it was a clever twist to have Jeremy reveal that he had made up a lie about Danny being molested in a car so that the driving tester would let Danny retake the test.

The Mindy Project continues to grow on me. While Mindy’s obsession with romantic comedies and pop culture is no less a part of her character, she has become more than that in the last few episodes. At first, I had difficulty relating to Mindy because she seemed like just another hopeless romantic, but I’ve come to appreciate her sharp wit, her unusual way of facing challenges in her life, and all the other quirky little facets of her character that she refuses to change for the sake of romance.