Private Practice Cancelled …Told You

Private Practice Season 6 Episode 3 "Good Grief" (6)

Well, it would seem that my wishes have finally come true.

The very first editorial that I ever had the pleasure of writing for TV Equals dealt with how I felt that Private Practice needed to end. Here we are, but a mere few weeks later, and now it seems the ABC network has finally pulled the plug on the medical program. Hell, had I known luck would be with me that day, I’d have wished to have won the lotto. Damn.

Wasted opportunities aside, what’s done is done, and there’s no going back. As someone who enjoys TV, it always pains me to see a show canceled. It’s kind of like having to suddenly part with friends. Although in Private Practice‘s case, that parting may be a bit overdue. You see, Private Practice reaching its expiration date is a relief to me, but it’s also somewhat surreal. I may have been an advocate for the show ending but to be honest, I was actually rather intrigued by the idea of it going on without its principal star Kate Walsh who indicated that she wanted out.

I’ve got nothing against Walsh. I think that broad is awesome, but sheesh — I really can’t stand Addison. She’s just so.never mind. I don’t have the strength to go over why I find her lame. Read my first editorial. I may be in the minority, but I was all for Walsh’s departure. Heck, I was all for the show ending, but I honestly would have tuned in — at least out of curiosity — if the others stuck around with her gone.

With that being said, would it have been doable?

I certainly think so. Private Practice has always been an ensemble program. Now, while Tim Daly admitted that he didn’t quite feel comfortable working as a part of such a capable ensemble team, I kind of believe that it was honestly one of the show’s strengths. Perchance that’s the reason why I feel that it could have lasted without Addison.

Don’t get me wrong.make no doubt about it, I wanted the show to be over and done with. Things were becoming a bit convoluted. I was simply intrigued by the thought of the main character being gone. There’s nothing more exciting to me than seeing a bunch of writers have to work around a certain issue in a script. Sometimes it can bring out the best work by having to utilize characters that can finally be developed. Other times, well, not so much. Either way, it brings me joy. Maybe I need to get out more. Don’t judge me.

So, with the show now officially winding down, it gives creator Shonda Rhimes and her capable team a few weeks to plan a proper finale. Gosh, I hope it’s a good one. To be honest, I couldn’t give two stethoscopes about what happens to Addison. The writers have made her so damn flighty that I expect her to actually hover before the finale. Still, I’m definitely interested in some of the others — especially Charlotte, played to perfection by KaDee Strickland, who is now pregnant with triplets. Ah, now that character has been a favorite of mine from day one. I hope she gets a happy ending. In fact, I hope everyone gets a happy ending. I may be analytical but never let it be said that I am cruel.

I think Rhimes is incredibly talented, but I feel she’s been stretching herself too thin with Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and Scandal. It’s a lot of work to run three primetime shows. I admire her tenacity, but I believe that Private Practice was the one she lost interest in. Who knows? I could be wrong. I’m not a psychic. Perhaps she’ll learn from her mistakes and get it together with her new project.

After all, practice makes perfect, right?