NCIS: Los Angeles Season 4 Review “Out Of The Past” – Part One is One Big Tease

NCIS Los Angeles (CBS) Out Of The Past

On this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, called “Our of the Past,” we got none of the juicy bits about Sam’s life we were teased with and Deeks finds a new (and furry) partner.

Okay so who else was confused by this episode? I’m not saying it was a bad episode, not at all, but the fact that they gave us a preview that seemed to show all of these Sam secrets coming out when in fact we got none of that, made it a tad confusing. I get that this was a two-parter, but the first part appears to be very different from the second part, so I’m just going to treat this one as a stand-alone in my head (for now).

The episode starts out with Sam getting a call from a man named Turner, who is someone Sam worked with in the past but didn’t know really well. The mystery continues to unravel as the team discovers Turner dead of an apparent suicide and his entire apartment (and body) turned into one big code/decipher for them to figure out. I did enjoy all of the twists and turns that this part of the story took, as well as the many significant looks passed between Sam and Callen throughout. Every time someone mentioned the idea of how hard it was to live with a secret, they gave each other another one of *those* looks. So I’m guessing that the next episode is going to reveal that Sam is living a double-life, perhaps?

The other part of the story involved Deeks, Kensi and a big-ass poodle. Deeks interacting with that dog was pretty funny, thanks to Chaucer’s priceless facial expressions. I swear it looked like he was listening and responding to everyone on screen with him. The look on his little face when he was sitting in interrogation matched that of nearly every worried suspect they had sitting in there.

So overall, I did enjoy the episode, despite waiting for the story that was teased and never happened. Now it has me highly anticipating the next episode – too bad we have to wait two weeks to see it.

My favorite bits..

Sam referring to the dog as a “big-ass poodle.”

“You’re not a poodle guy?”
“Why breed a dog with an afro?”
“You’re just jealous.”

Eric’s reaction the body hanging from the ceiling. Yep, that would be me, too.

The entire footie pajama conversation.

I know it was an ad, but I still got really jealous when Eric clicked the keyboard to his tablet. I want that set-up so bad.

“I’ll have you know that Monty is brilliant and humble.”
“Monty eats sponges.” – Like owner, like dog.

Deeks watching Chaucer on the monitor.

Deeks’ entire conversation with Chaucer.

“I hate paper.”

“Are you having a therapy session….with a dog?”

“Wow, you must really want some bacon.”

Kensi grabbing Deeks’ butt….um, I mean the microchip reader.

Eric’s reaction to finding out that the “code” came out of Turner’s stomach.

“He was paid to have sex in Paris? I should’ve been born a dog.” – So many jokes, so little time. Sometimes it’s just too easy though.

“Trust me, there is no species in the entire universe where it is okay to have pom-poms shaved into your butt.”

Hetty sitting on the couch with Chaucer. The look on his face was beyond adorable.

“Listen, if you’re gonna walk next to me, no prancing. I don’t want the Dobermans laughing at us.”

Callen’s excitement over the idea of a secret spy ring.

“It was a cool ring.”
“I know what I’m getting your for Christmas.”

Deeks asking for Kensi’s hair brush for Chaucer.

“You really want to do this? You want to have a fight right in front of him, before the biggest moment of his life?

Kensi’s smile when Deeks was talking to Chaucer before they went into the ring.

Wanting to cheer through Deeks and Chaucer’s run. Eric Christian Olsen did a great job! I’ve been to dog shows and he (and Chaucer) handled that obstacle course like a pro.

“Hi, sorry, we really wanted to breed with you. Sorry, that sounded a lot creepier than I meant it to sound.”

“Sit, and no inappropriate licking.”

“For starters a stud doesn’t ask to breed with a bitch, it’s the other way around.”
“I hope you’re listening to this.”

“Would you call me paranoid?”
“Sometimes I need to be.”

Callen’s reaction when he saw James had joined in the shoot-out.

“Do you know what it’s like to live with a secret your entire life, agent Hanna?” – And yet another significant look. I swear if we don’t find out what’s going on soon I’m gonna scream.

James showing Sam and Callen his very large nuclear bomb. Yikes.

Sam jumping up on the bookcase to figure out that the books in the room were actually a “decoder ring.”

Nell admitting that she had been out drinking with Hetty, who of course drank her under the table.

Final Blackout Moment: “Who would you like to speak to?” – “Anyone who’ll pick up the phone, quickly.”

What did you think of this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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