Law and Order SVU Season 14: Kelli Giddish and Lindsey Pulsipher On Playing Sisters

Kelli Giddish and Lindsey Pulsipher

Law and Order: SVU becomes a family affair with this week’s episode “Friending Emily.” Amanda Rollins gets a surprise visit from her sister, Kim, but both have problems that need to be worked out. TV Equals was able to learn more about the episode during a conference call featuring Kelli Giddish, who plays Amanda, and guest star Lindsay Pulsipher, who plays Kim in the episode.

What to expect

Part of the overview Giddish gave for the episode involves both kidnapping and the the sudden reappearance Amanda’s sister.

“Well, in the primary…story line for ‘Friending Emily’ an older sister drags a younger sister out, and because one of the sisters is kind of irresponsible, [she] doesn’t step up to the plate when she should,” said Giddish. “[H]er little sister ends up getting kidnapped by this really high tech, you know perpetrator. So, you know it’s about, you know stepping up to the plate for your family when you need to be there. And I think you see Amanda for her sister… a storyline that very much reflects and mirrors that primary storyline, and you get to see the reunion also. You know, I guess [the reunion] a spoiler alert, but…I think it also mirrors it.

Pulsipher on joining the cast

Pulsipher had nothing but nice things to say about joining the cast of SVU for her guest role.

[Y]ou know it was such a warm welcome,” she said. “[Y]ou know all the actors are just amazing and it’s been on the air for so long, so it was like coming into a family setting. You know, everybody was so warm and welcoming. And, you know it’s really fun character for me to play and…I was super excited to work with Kelli. We’ve worked together in the past and it’s – it was really fun to play her sister. So yeah, it was a wonderful experience.”

Pulsipher on playing Kim

“Well, you know it’s always fun for me to play a character that is flawed, because it’s really fun to kind of explore the psychology behind that,” said Pulsipher when discussing what it was like to play her character. ‘And, you know this character, Kim Rollins, is – she’s very troubled, but I think that, you know a lot of it has to do with what happened in her past and in her childhood. And so, it’s really interesting to just kind of play all the different colors of her past and how it’s brought her to this place. And, you know she’s got a lot of issues and it’s really fun to be able to kind of explore and get kind of crazy. We had a lot of fun playing it[.]”

Amanda’s issues

Amanda already has issues to deal with, such as her gambling problem. So can Amanda really help her sister in the way that she’s needs help?

“No, I think she’s had her own issues, but I think…you know, I mean one of the joys of playing a character like that is you get to play someone who gets to fight back, you know who gets to rise from, you know whatever troubles, from the bottom and kind of come up to the top,” said Giddish. “So, you know if Amanda’s got problems and we’re saying her sister has problems, and her sister has some real problems. So, you get to see her come in and you get to see a different side of Amanda. You know, the older, the responsible, the bigger sister, you know? And I think we all play that kind of – you know we’ve all got roles like that in our family, and I think that relationship reflects that.”

Will Pulsipher be back?

“Well, you know… we had such a great experience filming this storyline,” said Giddish when discussing the possibility of Pulsipher coming back to reprise her character. “I think Warren Leight definitely wants her to come back, so…maybe we can get Lindsay back to come on and play for a few more episodes. So knowing that, going forward, you know at the end of this episode it’s not really resolved. [I]t’s not…a warm and fuzzy feeling at the end, you know? [T]his is the sixth episode…we’re only line 1/4 of the way through the season, so we’ll see how it plays out.”

Law and Order: SVU‘s next episode, “Friending Emily” airs Wednesday, October 31, at 9/8c.