Happy Endings Season 2 Review “Sabado Free-Gante”

Happy Endings Season 3 Episode 2 Sabado Free-Gante (4)

Another episode of the most joke-dense sitcom on the air, Happy Endings, ‘Sabado Free-Gante’, sees Penny and Jane shop for cars, Max coaching Brad in how to be unemployed, and Dave and Alex shopping badly for a new apartment together.

First though, we get a pseudo-Halloween opener with the gang dressed as a Jackson Five marionette band. The show does these short bursts of funny so well, and the already surreal nature of the holiday just offers up so many ridiculous opportunities for comedy. It’s too bad the group didn’t think about how they would get out of the apartment before they dressed up, however, as they have to settle for drinking unanimous beers in the apartment. This brings us to the next morning, when Max is dismayed at the budget cuts Brad and Jane have had to make.

Spending $5,000 on ‘of the month’ clubs, the couple are saving a bit more money on food, personal trainers and clothes, causing Brad to enlist Max’s help. Introducing him to ‘Max World’, they get free food from AA meetings, free clothes from internet booths, and a free workout from an angry guy Max punches in the face. It’s nice to see these two characters together since they’re not a couple we often see hanging out, and their different lifestyle expectations make for a hilarious episode.

Jane accompanies Penny to buy a car, and it turns into a nightmare for the more flighty, impulsive half of the pair. Knowing how obsessive Jane can get when given a task, I love how Penny kept getting one up on her, finally sneaking downstairs to sign the papers without her. That’s not before the pressure causes her to fall through a glass window (and later the plastic covering the hole she left), and Jane discusses the different methods companies use to drive up the price. I can imagine the writer has experienced this situation before.

Dave and Alex are holding true to their promise of moving in together, and go apartment shopping this week. We know it’s a bad idea, their friends know it’s a bad idea, and they know it won’t end well, but they drag the estate agent around Chicago, finding different things wrong with each apartment. Scared initially by a two-year lease, the new/old couple eventually choose a place to live. How this turns out remains to be seen, but I can’t imagine things going well for them. Saying this, it’s still a treat to see them as a couple, as they split up in the Pilot episode and we’ve only heard about their previous relationship.

What did you think of the episode? Will Alex and Dave’s relationship last? Let us know in the comments.