Face Off Season 3 “Live Finale” Review – And The Winner Is…

FACE OFF -- Season: 3 -- Pictured: -- (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Syfy)

Tonight marked the live season finale of Face Off and brought the third season of the SyFy reality show to a close. Season three started out with 12 artists and tonight, the results of America’s voting was revealed. For the first time in Face Off history, the viewers were responsible for choosing the winner, which was not something that I thought would be a good idea. I still stand by my remarks that when America votes, the majority of the votes come from the popularity of the contestant; not the talent. But before I talk about the winner of season three, let’s talk about the live finale.

I’m not a fan of the “catch up” shows that a lot of reality TV tend to do leading up to the season finale. I say that having watched approximately three in my lifetime, mainly because I tend not to lean towards reality TV. Competition shows like Face Off are one thing, but you won’t catch me watching to see who gets the next rose or who ended up being voted off of the island.

However, SyFy did a pretty great job with the live finale of Face Off. Allowing questions from the viewers was a great way to make those of us at home feel involved in the episode, and I have to admit a lot of the questions were actually pretty interesting. I especially enjoyed the artists talking about each other’s work and what their favorite pieces were throughout the show.

My absolute favorite part of the finale would have to be the Glenn and Neville’s segment. Every week that I watch Face Off, Glenn uses a phrase that inevitably makes me feel like a complete moron because I have no idea what he’s even talking about. I absolutely adored the way Ve looked at the pair of them and at one point even said “What in the hell are you talking about?” because that fits my thoughts perfectly. Thank you, Ve.

Okay, so onto the results. We have Laura, Derek, and Nicole all vying for the winning prize, right? Glenn has some great things to say about Laura as an artist, and even calls her application techniques “perfect”. Neville talks about Derek and how he has strong form, strong ideas, and does a great job with color in all of his pieces. Then Patrick talks about Nicole and how surprised he was when he returned and found her gone from the competition.

He talks about how leaving was probably the best thing that could have happened to her, because something inside Nicole flipped and she brought her “A” game when she returned to the Face Off makeup room. She brought her game so well in fact, that Nicole walked away with the winning title!

Talk about how one little game changer (this was the first year in Face Off that a contestant could actually be voted back into the show) can change the outcome of the entire series! I was hesitant at first at the thought of an artist returning, and I still waver back and forth over the fairness of that decision. But I will say that based on the contestants that remained, Nicole was my number one choice.

Good work, America!

We have to wait until January 2013 for season four of Face Off, but judging by the small preview that aired, the new season is going to be as great as season three. I will miss this cast so much – I loved the dynamic that they had with each other, and the bond that really seemed to form between everyone. there was no drama, only sincere joy and encouragement for their competitors. Because of that, it really allowed the work of the artists to shine and become the focus of the show, instead of warring egos.

I can’t wait for season four!

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