Emily Owens, MD Season 1 Review “Emily and the Outbreak” – Back to School

Gonorrhea struck a local high school in this week’s episode of Emily Owens, MD, “Emily and the Outbreak,” and our bumbling heroine was sent to teach a sex-ed class to a group of girls who could literally smell the fear gathering in her armpits.

The “high school never ends” theme runs rampant in this show and this week was no exception. Not only did Emily find herself with eight STD cases, nine including the slap-worthy teen heart-throb passing it around, but she also had to treat a young gymnast with a rare infection that threatened her dreams of Olympic gold.

I don’t think the writers intended this, but in case there were any repressed overachievers who live and die by their parents’ rules, wishes, and dreams, showing them that something potentially life-threatening could happen if they dared to take a night off to have some fun sort of negated Emily’s message that it was all right to live by one’s own hopes and dreams.

Emily’s inner monologue went nuts this week as she tried to list every annoying thing about Will in an attempt to get over him faster. He does have a few, but his temper isn’t unreasonable and she can’t really blame him for the sense of humor he had when he was twelve. And a chest like his can more than make up for a few personality flaws.

Cassandra was as horrible and disrespectful as always, even going so far as to call Emily “Pits” in front of a patient. I live for the day Emily files a harrassment complaint. It was, therefore, so nice to see her choke up during her first surgery, even if she did get Will consoling her later. Emily shouldn’t have tried to be nice to her; mean girls never appreciate it. They only see kindness as weakness.

As she was trying to get over Will, Emily totally failed to notice that Micah is standing right in front of her. Unlike her, though, Micah isn’t one to pine and sigh. He noticed a cute girl liked him and he did something about it. Emily is so far into her head that she is completely blind.

I think her friendship with Tyra will help her a lot. She needs someone who can be honest with her, but not mean. Emily stumbles when confronted by cruelty, but she responds well to constructive criticism.

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