Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 23 Season 2 “Love and Monsters…” Review – Has Chloe Met Her Match?

Don't Trust The B---- in Apartment 23 Season 2 Episode 2 "Love and Monsters" (3)

It’s Halloween week, so every show is pulling out the costumes and dusting off the witch hats, and Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 23 is no different. “Love and Monsters…” follows shows Chloe getting snuggly with a new guy friend, and June cannot comprehend that her roommate is not only at a chick flick, but that she actually seems to be enjoying herself.

Leave it to Chloe to make things not always what they seem, and when June confronts her about her new sweetie, Chloe explains that each year she targets a “victim” to pick up at a Halloween party. Benjamin happens to be the lucky guy this year, and Chloe does her best to make him fall in love with her so she can break his heart. However it looks like Chloe may have met someone as insane as she is in Benjamin. He actually seems to like crazy, and we all know that Chloe is brimming with the insane! Somehow Benjamin manages to turn the tables on Chloe and it looks like this might actually be the start of something that resembles a relationship for our favorite “B”.

Meanwhile, James, who is scared of everything related to Halloween, throws a party with a “no scary costume” rule… which Mark breaks when he shows up dressed as a devil. That causes James to not have the best night in the world. According to the actor, his fear comes from a deeply traumatizing experience with the movie Halloween from his youth.

To add to the tricks in this episode – Mark admits to not really loving Chloe which adds a level of awkwardness that I can’t even express to her stripping for him in the coffee shop. To end the episode on a great note, Benjamin admits that he knew about Chloe’s plan to break his heart all along and made her live her worst nightmare – a real live chick flick.

I continue to adore Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 23 for exactly what it is – a quick 30 minute comedy that is witty and makes me glad I don’t have a friend like Chloe.