Cuckoo (BBC) Review “The Wedding”

cuckoo bbc3 cast photo

Maybe none of us were expecting it, but what better way to end the first series of Cuckoo than with another wedding? Finding out that the ceremony they had in Thailand wasn’t actually legally binding, Cuckoo and Rachel decide to do it all over again with their friends and family in attendance, making this finale, ‘The Wedding’, a final test of Ken’s patience.

We’ve seen over the last few weeks that Ken has been thawing out around the subject of his new son-in-law, but Steve well and truly has it in for Cuckoo after his marriage was ruined last week. Of course, with Ken refusing to be best man at the wedding, an ever naive Cuckoo recruits one of the only other men he knows, and sets off on his stag do with Ken, Dylan and Steve in tow. I loved that the jacket potato van got one final outing as their mode of transportation to Liverpool, even if I wish they’d done something more interesting with it over the last five weeks.

Little does Cuckoo know, but Steve has set up a honey trap for him once he’s drunk enough, and plans to bring him down on his wedding day. Like Ken, we as an audience aren’t quite sure we want this to happen, and the episode shows Ken’s last bout of inner conflict quite brilliantly. He might have hated Cuckoo at first, but now realises how much he really loves Rachel and the family, with a particularly moving scene in a strip club really bringing home the ideas of a chosen family. Cuckoo doesn’t have any family of his own, and thinks so highly of Ken that he hasn’t noticed the animosity directed at him across the three months they’ve known each other.

Needless to say, Steve’s trap doesn’t quite go to plan, but Cuckoo gets as far as a storage container loaded onto a ship before he takes matters into his own hands. Ken gives a good chase, with a particularly hilarious fight between him and Steve spelling the end of that character, and happily restores Cuckoo to the household once they finally arrive at the wedding. Such a heart-warming ending to the series wasn’t what I expected when the show began, but it just showcases how surprising, entertaining, and enjoyable the run of episodes have been.

Adam Samberg and Greg Davies have done a marvellous job with an initially by-the-numbers concept, and I really hope we get to see their unique chemistry on screen again in a second series.

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