American Horror Story Season 2 “Nor’easter” Review – “It’s ‘Ravish Me Red’…”

American Horror Story Season 2 Episode 3 Nor'easter (3)

Show of hands – who loves the new possessed version of Sister Mary Eunice? And who also found drunk Sister Jude fantastic?

In this Halloween episode of American Horror Story Briarcliff prepares for an upcoming storm by allowing residents a “movie night” to keep them calm during the thunder and lightening. As expected, things don’t go perfectly, and Sister Jude is left to clean up the mess and lay down the law. But what events brought us to that point?

Well, Sister Mary Eunice is, in fact, possessed by the devil. We get to see this in a few ways – one, a patient begging Satan not to come near her; two, her eyes have taken on a red demon like quality; three, she’s started wearing some amazing red lipstick (that I want for myself); and four, she throws herself at Doctor Arden. Or, rather, she lays on his desk and spouts off a bunch of extremely sexual things that I’ll keep out of this review for the sake of the readers.

Not that fans of American Horror Story are prudes, or expect anything less from the writers, but the way that this show continues to push the boundaries of TV is amazing. I love that FX isn’t afraid to air a program (and that creators and writers aren’t afraid to put it on paper) that has a nun attempting to seduce a doctor, a nun having fantasies about a priest, and a crazy graphic-but-not-really sex scene in the opening scene of the first episode.

But, anyway, back to “Nor’easter”. So, Mary Eunice is possessed, and Sister Jude is going through some hard times when her dark past comes back to haunt her. Possessed Sister Mary pretty much screws with Sister Jude through the entire episode, making her recall the day that she decided to devote herself to the church because of her hit and run accident.

Because of these flashbacks, Sister Jude picks up a drink – something she hasn’t done in 20+ years – and ends up getting wasted while still trying to run the asylum. The best part of “Nor’easter” would have to have been her introduction during movie night, and how she actually opened up and really seemed to care for the people in her care. While the way she deals with things isn’t always the best, deep down I think she really does want these people to heal and get better… or I’m just giving her too much credit.

We had another attempt at a break out from Kit, Grace, and Lana, only this time they were joined by Shelley. When Dr.Thredson passes on some news to Lana that Wendy may have been the next victim of Bloody Face and that Kit might actually be innocent, Lana heads out of Briarcliff to find her lover.

Only things go really wrong. Poor Shelley is caught by Dr. Arden who has lost his damn mind after Sister Mary Eunice tried to seduce him. He gets horribly violent with the poor girl and ends up making sure that Shelley will never attempt to escape Briarcliff again.

While Kit, Lana, and Grace make it out through the underground tunnel, they’re confronted by the creatures that Sister Mary has been feeding for the good doctor. While I didn’t get a great look at these things, they do appear to be somewhat human. Can we assume a few of Dr. Arden’s experiments have gone horribly wrong? Or do we think that it has something to do with the alien/UFO theme that seems to be occurring through American Horror Story this season?

Not only did Kit have his close encounter and neck implant, but said implant started going ballistic when Dr. Arden had it in a jar on his desk listening to a radio report during the storm. From what I caught in the report, the story wasn’t actually lightening, but some sort of downed aircraft? That would match up with Sister Jude’s vision (or whatever it was) of the alien that she saw in the hallway. I need more information and back story before I can get on board with aliens.

In the present day story – Teresa is locked in her room being attacked by Bloody Face while Leo lays dead on the other side of the door. Only it turns out that stabbing Leo a few times won’t kill him – it just makes his adrenaline kick in when his wife is in danger of being murdered. Leo jumps on Bloody Face and stabs him with his own… ice pick (?) and Teresa (who has seen some horror movies in her time) just goes to town and stabs the hell out of the murderer to make certain he’s dead.

Cut to the couple running through the halls and not one, but two more Bloody Face(s) appear. One pulls out a gun, and bang – that’s the real end for Leo and Teresa. Then crazy McGee with the gun and his friend remove their masks to reveal some dumb ass teenagers. I’m not sure exactly why they had a gun, or why the shooter was really excited that he killed two people, but the real Bloody Face certainly got his revenge on the stupid punks.

I remember being completely intrigued and never having a handle on exactly what was going on in the first season of American Horror Story, and I can honestly say that I’m right back there this year! I am looking forward to more back story and for things to start clicking into place! How do you feel about season 2 so far?

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