30 Rock Season 7 Review “There’s No ‘I’ in America”

30 Rock Season 7 Episode 5 There's No I in America

Quick tangent before we begin: Being a huge fan of 30 Rock, I long ago set a series pass for the show. Without fail, every new episode of the show that airs is automatically recorded. Since the 30 Rock scheduling adjustment was announced yesterday, I assumed that the proper adjustments would be made and 30 Rock would appear in the 8 PM slot on my guide. As many of you are well aware, you know what happens I assume: I just make an ass out of myself. As a result, I will leave it to the readers to fill in the blanks for the first segment. If there were any fantastic one-liners out there, feel free to toss them out in the comments. Now, on to what I actually watched.

While I’ve certainly had my fair share of laughs over the past few episodes, I think it’s a good thing that the election is behind us (in a 30 Rock sense). Going after the election process isn’t exactly the riskiest place to take comedy. Even if it’s done superlatively (as it was here), it still seems a little beneath the massive talents of the people at 30 Rock. What’s worse is that the vast majority of the jokes made about the candidates have been made countless times in other parts of comedy. “Mitt Romney is a robot” isn’t breaking comedic ground.

That’s not to say that this episode didn’t have its standout comedic moments (of what I saw). Tracy Jordan continues to strike comedic gold this season after showcasing his astute understanding of historical events and getting himself kicked off Twitter for life (again). Even Brian Williams (once again being a good sport) doing gymnastics down the hallway was worth a chuckle.

All of these little moments are fun, and the execution of the election gags was superb, but I’m happy to be going back in a different direction in the weeks to come.

What did everyone else think?