Revolution Season 1 Review “Sex and Drugs” — Aaron Finds His Inner Badass

Revolution Episode 6 Sex and Drugs

In Revolution‘s ‘Sex and Drugs’, Nora fell ill thanks to an infected stab wound. Miles opted to take her to an acquaintance of his, Drexler, who had a doctor and a copious amount of heroin. There was no love between Miles and Drexler; when Miles defected from the Militia, Drexler, who previously sucked up to him, was ‘tainted’ and lost favour. After helping Nora, Irish-hating heroin-taking Drexler forced Charlie to help him solve a neighbourly dispute — by killing his neighbour. While she was gone, Miles following closely behind, Drexler had a little fun with Nora and Aaron, setting them up for a duel to the death with a totally expected an unexpected outcome.

Dear reader, I don’t know what to make of this episode. I went in expecting a proper follow up to last episode and got this instead. The subplot with Danny and Rachel was reduced to two scenes: Danny meeting Monroe (who offered him anything he wants, even women — classy), and the reunion between Danny and Rachel (which featured the rarely uttered line ‘look at you!’). That was it. Nothing more. Just because this is horribly pitiful after two weeks wait, I’m going to be generous and pretend that the stuff with Neville was closely related: Neville got a promotion to Major and his son was vaguely distressed when he learned Monroe was going to send his crazy-torture-soldier to find Ben Matheson’s pendant and kill Charlie et al.

Also this week, Aaron’s life just after the blackout was shown in flashbacks. (Spoiler alert, he hasn’t lost weight in fifteen years, which is pretty incredible, especially given the last month or so of walking.) It was a way to show us just how weak and useless he was in this early post-blackout world; he ‘let’ his wife drink dirty water, he couldn’t fend off her attackers, he couldn’t start a fire. Presumably this was either his comeuppance for, or a direct result of, his rich-geek lifestyle. (You can tell this was before The Walking Dead because nowadays geeks make plans about how they would survive in a dystopian setting.)

In short, Aaron was as weaksauce as he’s been for the past five episodes (and I say this with all the love of a fellow geek). The only new information we got was that he dumped his wife eight months after the blackout. He even left a note: ‘I can’t protect you. You’re better off with them [their group]. I’m sorry.’ Given that he couldn’t even attempt to protect her if he wasn’t with her, and she would have been with the group even if he remained, his reasoning was pretty crappy. I suppose we’ll meet his wife again soon and get a bucketload of angst. Bonus points if she hooked up with the cute action man of the group.

It was all leading up to Aaron finally finding his inner-badass. He killed the antagonist of the week, Drexel (who was actually played extremely well), gunning him down after an obvious a masterful misdirection. Yay. Now he can spend the rest of the season probably not doing anything like that again. (Conversely, he can be like Miles and milk his gimmick until it bleeds; yup, there was more sword action this week.)

It was all just so horribly pointless. I’m all for world building and showing us just how dismal life in the Monroe Republic is, dear producers, but at least make it interesting and drop the screaming cliches. Even better, don’t dangle the promise of furthering the actual plot in front of us and then replace it with this mess of an episode.

TL;DR: If you haven’t given up on Revolution yet, dear reader, I applaud your fortitude. At this point I’m just holding out for more of Danny and his well-fitting henleys.

What did you think of ‘Sex and Drugs’, dear reader? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!