Raising Hope Season 3 Review “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Me What To Do”

It’s Halloween in Natesville, and Raising Hope is celebrating with tonight’s hilarious episode “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Me What To Do”. When Sabrina’s gay friends from high school visit, they have quite an interesting proposal for Sabrina, and then an even more interesting proposal for Jimmy.

Before we get to that, though, I absolutely loved all of the scenes at The Polka Dot. When Jimmy feels that he doesn’t know enough about gay culture, he decides to go with Burt to the local gay bar in an effort to learn more about them so he doesn’t make such a big fool of himself. Seeing Burt enjoy the gay bar a little too much was hilarious, and really it was an understandable turn for his character. It was cool of Virginia to be so accepting, and I loved how they both came to the realization at the same time that it was a little weird for a married couple to hang out at a gay bar.

The best lines at The Polka Dot were all by Jimmy, though. Jimmy gets overshadowed in most episodes by Burt, but his questions to all of the gay people were hilarious. “I have a lot of dreams about dolphins. Does that mean anything?” “Who wouldn’t want a shower made out of gold?” Wow, so good.

Jimmy got even more chances to shine in he and Sabrina’s story line. Sabrina’s friends Jordan and Elijah asked Sabrina if they can have her be a surrogate mother for their baby, and Jimmy was not excited about this. I did love seeing Jimmy jumping up and down with a very concerned look on his face, though. Well, after getting to spend some quality time with Hope, Elijah and Jordan ask to have Jimmy be a surrogate father with their barista!

Sheesh, recapping episodes of Raising Hope can get pretty darn convoluted at times. I really liked seeing Sabrina and Jimmy learn how to make a big life decision as an engaged couple, and I’m hoping I get to see this more as we get nearer to their impending nuptials!

I really liked Sabrina and Jimmy having a totally separate story line from Burt and Virginia this week. Even though their stories did intersect a little bit, we usually see Virginia and Burt reacting to Sabrina and Jimmy’s story, or vice versa. It was nice to give all of the actors something to do, and it really showcases how solid of a comedic ensemble we have on this show. I’m really hoping we get more episodes like this as the season progresses, and I’m excited to see more about Sabrina and Jimmy’s wedding!

Random Thoughts:

– The opening credits tonight said “And Introducing: Cloris Leachman”. Has it always been like that or was it just a joke for tonight’s installment?

– Gregg Binkley doesn’t get a chance to do too much physical comedy, but seeing him demolish the grocery store as the Hulk was pretty great..

– Maw Maw wasn’t even in this episode at all. Did anybody miss her? Yeah, that’s what I thought…