NCIS Season 10 Review “The Namesake” – Gibbs Uncovers Some Family Secrets

NCIS (CBS) The Namesake

In this episode of NCIS, called “The Namesake,” the team hunts for the murderer of a petty officer and Gibbs discovers a lot about the man that his parents once loved like a brother.

Okay, so first off I should say that if any of you are getting bored with reviews where I don’t talk about the case and do nothing but praise the writers for the characterizations they are giving us this season then you might want to stop reading now, because that’s all this review is going to be.

I think one of the reasons that I enjoyed this episode, and the story of the original Jeroy Jethro, was that they didn’t try to shove that story into a case. Over and over again, we’ve been subjected to a family member (or friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc) coming into the team’s lives because they were somehow connected with a crime. I expected this episode to be no different and I have to tip my hat at the writers for not going there again.

Gibbs stumbling across LJ’s Medal of Honor while working a lead was a wonderful way to bring his namesake into the story. It allowed the case to go along as it normally would, while letting the LJ story run along in conjunction with it. The whole thing was beautifully balanced and I never felt like I was being pulled out of one story in order to see what was happening with the other.

Finding out that Gibbs’ mother had cancer but actually died because she took her own life had so many ramifications I almost don’t know where to begin. First there’s the heartbreak in knowing that Gibbs lost not only his mom, but also his wife and his daughter. Plus there’s the fact that he knew about the suicide the whole time, despite his father trying to hide the truth from him. Then of course, the Tony and Gibbs friendship lover in me can’t help but to draw correlations between them and wonder if it’s yet another reason why they get along so well.

Gibbs discovering that LJ had been in love with his mother was a nice little twist I didn’t see coming and it made me understand just how hurt Jackson must have been when he found out that Ann had confided in LJ about her decision. That can’t have been easy for him to hear and though I understood his anger, I was also glad to see that Jackson and LJ were able to put it all behind them.

All in all, it was another great episode to add to this season of great episodes. So far, we haven’t had a bad one in the batch yet. In fact, they seem to be getting better as the season has been progressing.

My favorite bits..

“Forget the mansions, that’s a beautiful…yacht.” – The stare Gibbs gave Tony when he said that was spectacular.

Tony putting on the sunglasses and playing the guitar in the pawn shop.

Finding out why LJ got his Medal of Honor more than 40 years after World War II. That is unbelievably sad.

“Not interested in hearing about your illicit affairs or your inability to perform, Tony.”

Palmer making the mistake of being honest about Breena’s hair. Oops.

“I’m the worst person to ask about marital advice.”
“No, I am.”

McGee’s admiration of the vacuum-pump beer bong. Ah, so I guess McGee wasn’t such a goodie-two-shoes like I thought.

Jackson hanging up on his son. Whoa!

“He wears $3,000 sunglasses and has Justin Bieber on his hard drive. Can’t we arrest him for that?” – My vote is yes.

Jackson’s absolutely ancient answering machine.

Gibbs reminding Jackson of the riot act he got for hanging up on his dad when he was a kid.

Okay, is it just me or is Tony (and Michael Weatherly) looking younger than ever this season?

LJ’s comment that he knew Gibbs because his blue eyes never change. Aw.

Gibbs telling LJ that he was his hero.

Gibbs and LJ bonding over the fact that neither of them had made their marriages work.

Finding out the reason that LJ tried to pawn his medal. So sweet that he wanted to help other people where he lived.

The look Abby gave Chaya when he tried flirting with her.

Tony wisely shutting up about dads when Gibbs stared him down.

“When I got back from the war, I had to watch my best friend marry the girl I loved.”

“What’d you order?”
“It smells like sweet-and-sour yak.”

Tony going over and sneaking McGee’s food, and the wrestling match that resulted. Hilarious. Yay for more Tony and McGee shenanigans!

“All of us have one thing in common. We all loved the same woman.”

Tony in the blue sweater. That is all.

“How’d it go with your father last night?”
“No bloodshed.”

The entire team sneaking up on the guy in the tent.

Jackson bringing LJ his medal back.

LJ and Jackson giving each other lip over who was the worst driver.

Gibbs testing the mug that his father fixed.

The final phoof of Gibbs’ smile.

The dedication to the marines at the end. That was beautiful.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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