Georgina Haig Discusses Etta’s Shocking Death on Fringe

Fringe Season 5 Episode 4 The Bullet that Saved the World

The fourth episode of Fringe‘s final season took an interesting turn when Etta, Peter and Olivia’s long lost daughter, was fatally wounded by an Observer before blowing herself up in an abandoned building. With such an emotionally wrenching (for some) death occurring so early, several media outlets decided to catch up with Georgina Haig, who plays Etta, to discuss her arc and how she felt about her character’s death.

A few things stood out about her interview with Entertainment Weekly. For starters, the Fringe producers are keeping things tightly under wraps even from their performers. In some instances, that move can work quite well (See Lewis, Damian, Homeland), but it’s not a given. Secondly, she all but ruled out a return to the show. She left behind an “anything is possible” at the end, but she didn’t sound like a woman who thought she would be returning.

Sorry, Etta fans. It looks like you’ll just have to live in a dystopian future without the presence of Etta Bishop. Oh well, at least we still have 21-year-old jelly doughnuts and the delightful Walter Bishop.

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