Face Off Season 3 “Immortal Enemies” Review – It’s The Finale!

Face Off Season 3 Episode 11 Immortal Enemies' (13)

Season three of Face Off is drawing to a close, and for the first time in Face Off history, America decides who wins it all. The money, the Makeup Forever Lecture, and the car… everything is at the mercy of America.

This was a very bad decision, SyFy.

I am not one to enjoy America having the final say in any reality show – the results are always weighed and things turn into a popularity contest instead of America choosing based on true talent. I’m hoping that the results of Face Off will be different. Prove me wrong, America!

That said, let’s talk about what America is voting for. The final three contestants: Laura, Nicole, and Derek all have to create two original makeup designs – one that is a demon sent to take over the world, and two the good witch tasked with sending the creature back to hell. While they have free reign with the demon, the witch needs to draw from an element.

Laura chooses earth, Nicole water, and Derek fire. Then it comes time for them to make another decision. All of the other contestants returned, and the final three get to select two to of their former competitors to help them create their characters. These makeup designs have to last through a choreographed stunt show, and need to incorporate harnesses for wire work, pyrotechnics, breaking glass… the whole shebang. Needless to say, it’s a little nerve wracking.

Nicole along with Roy and Sarah start the sculpt of her water witch. Right away from Nicole’s designs, it’s obvious that she has a clear vision and knows what she wants to do with these characters. The concept of the head piece for the witch is stunning, and I was pleased to see that they were able to pull off the sculpt. The demon looked like a cross between a goat, a fish, and an animal that I couldn’t place. Personally, I thought the thing was terrifying. Once the work was painted and the models walked out onto that stage, it was immediately evident that these two characters were from the same universe.

Laura is helped by Tommy and Rod. Apparently since Laura worked with Tommy before, she feels that he was a good choice for her team. I’m sure he did a great job with anything that she needed (he himself stated that he was like a “superhero” helping out on multiple things throughout the creation process), but I think Roy and Nicole wish that Tommy would’ve been just a little more careful in the workroom. Tommy tripped over the stunning acrylic staff that Roy had created for Nicole’s witch, and shattered the piece to the point of not being able to use it.

To Roy’s credit, he didn’t kick Tommy in the shins like I would have, and Nicole didn’t wind up sobbing in a corner. So, major kudos to the two of them for being better sports that I could ever hope to be.

Back to Laura. She runs into some issues with Rod taking his sweet time with the sculpts and not making choices on his own. To Rod’s defense, it’s not his work that’s on the line… someone else’s win is counting on him. While I understood the slight frustration that Laura had, I completely understood where Rod was coming from by asking all of his questions.

Instead of using earth tones for her earthy witch, Laura actually chooses to work with gray, white, and charcoal coloring with just slight touches of green. The result is actually pretty cool, but for me, the paint job looked flat from a distance. Since the judges never once mentioned that at all, I’ll chalk it up to it being my TV.

Laura’s demon was a bit lacking in design and the costume (leather pants and a black ripped shirt) were just boring. I, along with the judges, weren’t thrilled with the style of the demon and also really didn’t like that the witch looked like it had stepped out of a completely different story.

Moving onto Derek. Eric and Jason help him sculpt his witch and demon, and while his witch looked pretty cool and had some serious detailing in the paint job, it looked like everything else Derek has ever created. Bright reds, yellows, and blacks… the thing looked like a knock off of a Star Wars villain. I wasn’t a fan of the witch paint job.

His demon was white and pink, and did look like it had spent eternity underground. His concept came through loud and clear, but it just really looked like everything else we’ve seen from Derek.

It’s a tough call with this one! Each of the artists are amazingly talented in their own ways, and it will be difficult to choose who should walk away with the grand prize.

You have until tomorrow to vote for your favorite Face Off contestant, so be sure that your vote is heard! Until tomorrow, Face Off fans! Happy Halloween Eve!

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