Covert Affairs Season 3 Advance Review “Man in The Middle” – Everything’s Falling Apart

Covert Affairs Season 3 Episode 13 Man in the Middle

In this episode of Covert Affairs, directed by Chris Gorham (Auggie) and titled “Man in the Middle,” Annie finds that there are more and more ramifications from her mission surrounding Simon. Plus a whole new crop of problems shows up as well.

Cheers to the director

First up, I want to give a shout-out to Mr. Gorham for doing a great job with the direction of this episode. I could feel his influence over many scenes, but at the same time he still kept the normal “feel” that I’ve come to expect from Covert Affairs. One shot in particular, in a restaurant that had a gorgeous mural, felt like it came directly from him and I got a kick out of noticing his own personal touches throughout the episode.

Taking chances

In this episode, Annie gets intel about a new case from Eyal. Because the info comes from him, she’s willing to it trust while no one else at the agency wants to take the chance. So she puts her trust, her reputation and her career on the line to follow his lead. She’s tired of being told who she can and cannot trust, especially when some of those she was told to trust have betrayed her (or left her to rot in a Russian prison) and those she was told not to trust have ended up saving her life. It’s easy to understand how she feels but it is still a huge risk and you’ll have to watch to see how it pans out for her.

Not easy being at the top

While Annie has plenty of issues and problems in this episode; we find out quickly that she’s not the only one. Much as we saw in the last episode, Joan is still dealing with her own problems as well. The issue of her addiction is going to have its own ramifications and Joan will find herself in a very similar situation to Annie’s. People will begin to distrust her and not just because of the addiction, but because of her past decisions as well.

Auggie’s blast from the past

Once again my heart went out to Auggie in this episode. It seems like I’ve been doing that a lot for him lately. In the premiere I felt for him because I knew how helpless he must’ve felt being stuck in D.C. and not able to help Annie out of danger himself. In last week’s episode I felt bad that the poor guy kept trying to get Annie alone for a chat, but she was never there. Well, it turns out he’s not going to have it much easier in this episode. Auggie is going to be visited by someone from his past who’s going to stir up a lot of emotions for him. But he’ll also be able to put some of those things behind him, which is a good thing, too.

Falling apart

By the end of the episode, a lot of people’s lives will be upended. Annie and Joan’s relationship will bear the brunt of it and time will tell if it can survive. Those who took chances in this episode may find that those chances weren’t worth the risk. Others may find that the people they thought they could trust have betrayed them after all.

This episode of Covert Affairs airs tonight at 10/9C on USA Network. Once you’ve watched it, be sure to come back up here and let me know what you thought of it. I love hearing from you guys!

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