Castle Season 5 Review “Probable Cause” – Handcuffs Aren’t Always Fun

Castle Season 5 Episode 5 Probable Cause (3)
Not at all like the hurricane that pounded the northeast yesterday, the events of last night’s episode of Castle, “Probable Cause,” threatened Beckett and Castle’s relationship, but did no permanent damage. For once, I am absolutely okay with that. I didn’t want them to be shaken or cracked or even bruised. I wanted them to come out unscathed and it seems like they did.

At least in terms of each other. Castle was definitely humbled a bit when the 3XK killer returned and nearly successfully framed him for murder. And he probably will be hurt if he ever finds out that despite never exactly giving up on discovering the truth, Beckett did shed a few tears over a glass of wine with Lanie as she was forced to wonder if the man she loved hadn’t just cheated on her, but had killed to keep it a secret.

I was okay with Beckett asking herself those questions. Some people might say she should have blindly believed him, but that is not her character, nor should it be, given her background and profession. One piece of evidence she was able to write off without blinking. But when things started piling up, she would have been stupid not to wonder. The thing is that she did her wondering with her best friend, in the privacy of her apartment. The rest of the time she just did her job. Hopefully, if Castle ever finds out about that conversation with Lanie, he will see that, too.

The 3XK killer is a master of manipulation (arguably, preternaturally so), but I kind of wish this had been the end of his story. I wanted either Castle or Beckett to put a bullet between his eyes. I realize it’s probably a hard shot, but if you’ve already seen someone get up after taking five slugs to the torso, stop aiming for their chest and go for the head!

Ryan got backed into a bit of a corner this week as he had to disclose his knowledge of Castle and Beckett’s relationship to Esposito over the course of the investigation. Esposito took it really well, and was surprisingly discreet for a man who spent the last episode prying into Beckett’s love life. So, now the boys know, and Beckett knows they know, and of course Lanie knows. Really it’s just the chief out of the loop now, and she probably needs a little more time to warm up to Castle, especially now that he did commit an actual crime when he escaped custody in order to save his own life.

So, it was a good episode with a lot of drama, but the threat of the 3XK is still hanging over them, and now they know just how far he will go to get his revenge, even if Castle does think he really did all of it just to disappear again and keep on killing. I don’t think this is the last we’ve seen him of him. Next time, though, it’s time for him to go.

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