Burn Notice Mid-Season Premiere – What You Need to Know About “Desperate Measures/Means & Ends”

Burn Notice Desperate Times

Burn Notice season 6 continues on Thursday November 8 with a two-hour mid-season premiere. The first episode is called “Desperate Measures” and the second is called “Means & Ends,” and both are sure to blow your socks off.

Last we saw Michael and his merry band of misfits, they were stuck in Panama after having just captured the man who killed Michael’s brother, Nate. In the first episode we see if they can manage to get themselves out of the mess that they are in, and Michael finds that he has to learn to trust people he may not want to. In the second episode, Michael has to deal with the ramifications of his decisions in Panama and things take a surprising twist.

Here are a few more things you need to know about the episodes.

The action begins where it ended

The first episode starts up immediately after the summer season finale and though it starts out without as much action, there’s still a lot going on in those first few minutes. Sam asked at the end of the season what the hell Michael and the team were going to do next and that question does get answered pretty fast, though the plan itself takes a while to complete.

The team has a tough decision to make

When the first episode begins, we find he team in turmoil as they struggle to make a very important decision that will affect every single one of them. Michael and Fi are of one mind about this choice, while Jesse and Sam are of another. It brings about a really tense and emotional scene that tests all of them.

Maddie is amazing

It’s hard for me to believe that there was ever a time when Michael’s mom wasn’t an integral part of the team. When she was oblivious to his job and just sat around smoking cigarettes. But now Maddie is vital to many of Michael’s operations and it’s no different in the first episode. She’s got a very important job to do and carries it out with the same finesse she always has. In the second episode Maddie makes two very emotional decisions, the first of which had me in tears as she acted it out, and the second of which had me in shock.

Michael makes an unusual friend

Michael is the kind of guy who can make friends (and enemies) at the drop of a hat. He can begin a case working for one person and by the end of it, be best friends with the guy he was sent to take out, or vice versa. So it’s not a huge surprise to say that he ends up with a new ally at the end of the first episode, but who that person turns out to be was definitely a shocker to me. What’s also a shock is what happens to that person by the end of the second episode. I definitely did not see that coming. At all.

It ends no where near the beginning, or the middle.

By the end of the first episode, I felt like I had a handle on exactly where the rest of this season was headed. In fact, I wondered why they were bothering to show us the second episode as part of the premiere. At first it felt like just your typical episode: with the team on a case and Michael working mostly behind-the-scenes to put the rest of his plans into place.

But then all of that changed in the last five minutes of the second episode. Everything that I thought would take the rest of the season to happen, happened then and there. When it was all over it left Michael with a whole new set of problems to handle.

All in all, I really enjoyed this mid-season premiere of Burn Notice. It had everything in it that we all love about this series, from explosions and drama to witty banter, and I think that every fan will enjoy it.

Don’t forget to watch “Desperate Measures” and “Means & Ends” when they air on Thursday, November 8 at 9pm on USA Network. I’ll be live-tweeting the premiere that night so if you’d like to follow along, be sure to follow me @Mokibobolink. Then once the episode is over, stay tuned for my full (and spoilerific) review of the episode.