666 Park Avenue Season 1 “A Crowd Of Demons” Review

It’s Halloween at The Drake, and 666 Park Avenue steps up to the plate and delivers a pretty decent All Hallows Even episode! While I was disappointed with other shows (*coughGrimmcough*), 666 Park Avenue was able to successfully take the tone of the show and make it work!

With a Halloween party in full swing at The Drake, there are elaborate costumes galore – Henry as a sheriff and Jane as Tippi Hedren from The Birds, Louise and Brian as Cleopatra and Mark Antony, and Gavin and Olivia as… rich people. Apparently when you’re that wealthy, just a mask suffices as a costume.

What did we learn from “A Crowd of Demons”? Well, Brian and Louise are back, and apparently need to seek couples therapy. Between Brian’s crazy jealousy, Alexis, and Louise’s addiction – they need all of the help that they can get. I will say that admitting Louise had an addiction was a surprise to me, but added a level of dimension to the character that I wasn’t expecting. So Louise isn’t just the carefree woman that we’ve come to know. I’m curious as to how this pair will work through their issues.

On the other side, Henry and Jane just have the marriage question popping up more and more frequently. While it’s not exactly a relationship issue, it’s interesting to wonder what, if anything, will happen with the two of them. I will say that Jane needs to take a good long look at her choice to figure out why she keeps finding herself in terrifying situations.

I loved seeing Gavin protective of Olivia and worrying about her safety when he was shaken up by the appearance of the thief. Gavin DOES care! And I have to think that he’s going to make that guy pay for everything in the worst way he can possibly think of. One of the perks of being evil, I guess.

Just one side note – why do people in TV shows CONSTANTLY have these amazing costumes at their disposal? I start planning my costume for the following year on November 1st and NEVER come up with something that great! Overall, “A Crowd of Demons” was the my favorite episode of 666 Park Avenue to date. What are your thoughts on this episode?

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