The Walking Dead Season 3 Review “Walk With Me”- Meet the New Boss!

The Walking Dead continued it’s stellar third seasons with another solid episode tonight in “Walk With Me”. It also introduced a new character that I’m very excited about, and re-introduced us to another character that I’m not very excited about, but we’ll get to that later.

Tonight’s installment started out with a pretty impressive helicopter crash, as we see a few military men go down in the middle of a forest. While it wasn’t confirmed in this episode if this is the same helicopter we saw way back in the pilot, but it would be nice to get some actual confirmation of that. It’s a pretty big plot point that we haven’t heard much about in the last couple years, so it’d be nice to know if this was the same one or not.

So Michonne and Andrea head out to investigate the crash, and they see a couple trucks pull up to investigate as well. And who steps out of one of the trucks but the freaking Governor, played by David Morrissey! I’m not really sure what our first impressions of The Governor were supposed to be, if anything. It looked like they were trying to paint him as an unsympathetic killer, the way he dispatched the soldier on the ground, but it seemed like a pretty normal way to put a walker out of its misery. We obviously see later in the episode that he is somewhat of a psychotic killer, but we didn’t see that in this scene. But you know who we did see in the first scene?! Merle…freaking…Dixon.

That’s right! We were treated to our first look at Merle Dixon since season one! Well, as long as you don’t count Daryl’s hallucination of him back in season two’s “Chupacabra”. Everybody’s favorite belligerent, racist meth addict is making his grand return! Merle was just about everybody’s least favorite character from season one, especially considering he wasn’t in the original comics, and it’s very clear that the writers are aware of how despised of a character he was. He’s noticeably less unlikable, and it looks like The Governor is to thank for some of that reform. Hopefully he doesn’t revert to a racist redneck in the upcoming episodes.

After being introduced to The Governor, and seeing another returning character after two years, we’ve also been introduced to the picturesque community of Woodbury. Andrea and Michonne get a little tour from The Governor, as we see that Merle has apparently been here for a while and actually seems to have some measure of authority over the other guards.

We also see that The Governor is performing some kind of experiments on zombies, and it’s clear that Michonne doesn’t trust him at all, but there really wasn’t any clear indication of any villainous activity for most of the episode. However, that quickly goes out the window when The Governor goes to pay a visit to the crashed helicopter pilot’s platoon. I’m not quite sure why The Governor didn’t see fit to try to incorporate some trained soldiers into his community, as they probably would have proved to be valuable assets, but who cares?! That scene was freaking amazing! If there was ever a scene to tell the audience “Yes, I am a bad guy”, it’s that one. Seeing The Governor walking forward in slow motion as the soldiers’ bodies were still dropping to the ground was some of the most powerful imagery we’ve seen on this show, and will definitely stay in my mind as one of the coolest introduction scenes ever. Not only that, but we also see that he’s storing disembodied heads of his zombie victims! I really can’t wait to see what that’s all about, and I especially can’t wait to see him meet the rest of our cast.

That brings me to one of the oddest things about this episode: We didn’t see any of the main cast in the entire episode, except for Andrea. I can’t think of another episode of any TV show where the entire ensemble cast is absent for one of the installments. I understand that they need to introduce us to all of the new elements like The Governor, Woodbury, and Merle, but it would have been nice to at least see what Rick and the group are up to. I’m sure they’ll show back up in the next episode, and I can’t wait for Andrea to reunite with her gang! See you all then!

Random Thoughts:

– I know I mentioned this last week, but I could really do without Chris Hardwick yelling at me about what’s just happened as soon as we cut to commercial. I know Michonne killed her pet zombies, Chris! I just watched it happen! Why are you yelling at me?!

– Hopefully the hot running showers at Woodbury will help silence all the people that complain about how “pretty” and “groomed” the cast always looks. I wonder if that’s why they made a point to mention the showers.

– I know I’m trying to poke scientific holes in a show about zombies, but how did Michonne’s pet zombie heads keep moving after they’d been decapitated? When Dr. Jenner described the process of how the zombies turn back in season one’s “TS-19”, he made it sound like they would continue to function as human bodies, but they would just be mindless eating machines. I know they’ve said that destroying the brain is the only way to make sure that a zombie would die, but if you decapitate them then the heart stops pumping blood to their brain, right? Wouldn’t that do the trick?