Homeland Season 2 Review “Q & A”

Homeland Season 2 Episode 5 Q&A (3)

As TV fans, there are certain moments that we long to see. A lot of times it’s a long-unrequited romance. Other times, it’s some evil villain finally getting his comeuppance. On Homeland, it’s something entirely different: For 16 hours, we waited for Carrie to capture Brody so we could have our inevitable interrogation room showdown. Some people were certainly rooting for Carrie, but the rooting interest became more about just wanting to see the moment instead of hoping for a victory for either one of them. Carrie earned her satisfaction of being right, and Brody got his catharsis for his misdeeds. He remains a wildcard, but it’s hard not to see Brody’s relief at finally being able to let go.

Anticipated TV moments happen more often than you may think. Every show has moments that they build to that become inevitable aspects of the series. No matter what happens, Brody had to be caught, and Carrie had to be the one to do it. Beyond that, it becomes an issue of how the show puts the moment together. Given how successful Homeland has been with their character work, the expectations for the Carrie-Brody moment was sky high. Somehow, Homeland managed to exceed expectations in that scene.

In season one, their big everything-on-the-table moment ended with Brody still concealing his true intentions. This week, despite Brody’s best intentions, everything really does get put on the table. It was fascinating to watch two people say everything they’ve really wanted to say out loud for the past 18 months. The result was an amazingly riveting 15 minutes of television. While Claire Danes was fantastic as usual in the scene, Damian Lewis basically justified his Emmy victory with his performance in that scene. This man, holding up a facade for so long, looks exhausted and relieved to be rid of his secret burden. More importantly, he continued to seem believable as he tried to hold up his lie under the initial interrogation. It’s one of the best parts of Damian Lewis: The man commits to every scene as if he truly believes what he’s saying. He seemed so genuine in his lies that I briefly wondered if he had some sort of psychosis. He may not be the best dramatic actor going, but I wouldn’t argue with anyone who wanted to say that he was.

With Brody’s future as a double agent secured, the chase now shifts directions. After pursuing Brody for so long, what does Carrie do next? If she’s allowed to work with Brody, her obsession can continue. We know that Brody’s continued existence in this season is a direct result of the chemistry that those two characters have on screen. Therefore, it stands to reason that we are going to see a lot more of Carrie and Brody going forward. It’s proven to be a winning formula in the past.

The timing of all of these happenings remains curious. We now have 7 more hours to bring this situation to completion. Homeland has us completely on our toes. Don’t expect anything, because anything could happen.