Nikita Season 3 Review “Innocence”

New Division’s mission to track down and take out the thirty rogue agents hits a girl-shaped problem this week’s Nikita, ‘Innocence’, as a kidnapped child trained to be as lethal as any of them is captured.

Liza has been trained and brainwashed by Wade for two years, and Nikita and Alex make it their mission to safely return the girl to her family. It’s not that easy, though, as she seems to have been taken so far into the spy-game that she’s no longer interested in going back to her old life. With a new status quo for Nikita this year, it was interesting to go back to a time when Nikita and Alex were prisoners themselves. Both women empathize with Liza’s story, and take a personal interest in getting her safely home before it’s too late. Alex was able to resume her old identity, of course, but they’re now knee-deep in dangerous Division work, and want to avoid the same fate for a future generation.

All of this means that we don’t see as much of the team at large as we did last week. Michael and Nikita are obviously getting used the engagement, with the subject of children raised by a nosy jewellery store clerk, and Birkoff is hurt that Michael didn’t tell him before proposing. It’s nice to have a slightly trivial, personal problem to deal with on a show that too often gets lost in it’s own seriousness, so I’m enjoying the fact that the couple are finally making a go of their relationship with no major obstacles in their way. I guess this can’t last for a whole season, so we better make the most of it while we can.

The episode recalls lots of child assassin movies like Leon or Kiss-Ass, and Liza is a convincingly dangerous foe for them to contend with. It annoyed me slightly that nobody in a team full of spies could detect when she was acting or manipulating them, since I never trusted her for a second. The final scene in which the girls return the girl to her family is as schmaltzy and touching as this show ever gets, and it’s also a nice bonding moment between Nikita and Alex in light of their new dynamic. The whole mission seems to remind them of their early time together back in season one, and for long-time fans this is a lovely treat.

So far, this third season has been strong and surprising, with the new set-up working brilliantly to add some renewed intrigue. There are interesting moral dilemmas every week, with Ryan here listing both Wade and Liza as targets, and my guess it things are only going to get shadier as time goes on. Who knows? Later seasons could see half of this cast going up against the rest, should some succumb to the seductive power that corrupted Division in the first place.

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