Merlin Season 5 Episode 4 “Another’s Sorrow”

Merlin Season 5 Episode 4 Another's Sorrow

Merlin “Another’s Sorrow” Season 5 Episode 4 airs Saturday Oct 27 at 8:25pm on BBC One.

Episode Synopsis: With Princess Mithian as the perfect bait, Morgana conjures a deception so powerful that the whole of Camelot is taken in – even Merlin himself. But as the storm clouds gather, will the young warlock see through the lies? Or will Morgana at long last fulfil her dreams of revenge?

Show Summmary: For a young wizard like Merlin, survival in a kingdom where magic is banned is no mean feat. Not when you are Prince Arthur’s servant and have to protect the city of Camelot from terrifying enemies.

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