Haven Season 3 Review “Real Estate”

Just in time for the Halloween holiday, Haven told us one heck of a scary story. “Real Estate” was a haunted house horror story, Haven-style. Like most haunted house stories, this home held a grudge – it’s just that in Haven‘s version it wasn’t spirits that possessed the structure, it was the awakening of a man’s Trouble.

The house was a frightening setting for this week’s investigation and it really developed into its own character over the course of the episode. With the layout of those narrow hallways and small rooms constantly changing, the home felt suffocating and claustrophobic. Strangely, those disappearing doors and moving hallways also made everyone feel like they were miles apart from one another. Even with six people (and two dead bodies) running around in that relatively small space, they felt very alone and isolated.

We knew that we could assume that in Haven, this house was “haunted” because of a Trouble, but uncovering the source of this Trouble proved to be an intriguing mystery. Roland Holloway was a Troubled Haven resident when Audrey was known as Lucy. In both the past and present, he held a grudge against Audrey/Lucy for not being able to “save” him. It’s difficult to tell if Roland was already crazy before the Troubles turned him into a house, but he was definitely (and understandably) nuts after he lost his human body. His fear of his family leaving him caused him to trap them within his walls which drove them to madness. His wife ended up killing her two daughters and then killing herself while Roland watched and felt them die from inside of him.

It’s too bad that Audrey couldn’t really take the time to talk to Roland to try and get some answers about her past. He’s been a silent outside observer for the last 25+ years. He knew what she was capable of when it came to the Troubles and he knew her in her past. I’d be curious to find out what else he could have revealed about her role in Haven‘s history. The flashbacks she experienced in the house were powerful enough to cause Audrey to experience a subdermal hematoma, and they gave her a clear glimpse at the “Colorado Kid” who Audrey now believes to be a man named James Cogan.

Being trapped in that house together forced Nathan and Jordan’s story to develop unexpectedly. Because of the house’s shady intercom devices, Jordan found out that Nathan had become involved with her because of an investigation. Those same intercom devices also revealed to Tommy, Duke, and later Audrey, that Nathan’s motivations had changed and that he was now serious about Jordan. Clearly Nathan still has feelings for Audrey, but since Audrey is determined to not have a relationship with anyone before she disappears again, I can’t blame Nathan for pursuing Jordan. They seem to have somewhat similar attitudes about the Troubles in Haven, and while I worry a little bit about the negative influence Jordan might have on Nathan, his actions and attitude recently have made it seem like he’d fit in more with Jordan’s crowd anyway.

As with most horror stories, there were some minor eye-roll worthy moments in tonight’s episode (for example, Tommy setting his loaded gun down on a table instead of putting it back in its holster or just holding it. What cop would do that in a room full of people?) but they were far and few between. Overall, this week’s episode of Haven was creepy fun and perfect for Halloween time while still throwing in just enough story development to keep it relevant in the general season arc.