The Office Season 9 Review “Here Comes Treble”

On the inevitable Halloween-themed episode of “The Office,” amusingly-titled “Here Comes Treble,” we started with Dwight’s head literally stuck inside a jack-o-lantern, thus fulfilling what his actual head might well be used for if were separated from his body. (Someone should make a Dwight-o-lantern, stat.)

Naturally, everyone was dressed up- save Jim, who had a sketchy meeting to attend that didn’t bode well for his future, from the looks of things. Judging from his wife’s understandable reaction, it won’t be the happiest of Halloweens in the Halpert household. This may not end well, but it’s the final season, so hopefully they won’t get too heavy with things, with Jim’s family in the street & divorce impending! Because that would be, you know, kinda depressing. Hopefully, everyone in sitcom-land learned from “Seinfeld” and they’ll go for something a little more upbeat.

Anyway, that bit of unpleasantness aside, it was a fun episode, complete with a surprise guest star- none other than TV’s Stephen Colbert! He played “Broccoli” Rob, Andy’s arch-rival from his college a cappella group back in the day. It seems that Rob has been stealing his thunder & taking credit for his feats, which Andy is none too happy about. Even Erin notes how pathetic this all is, leading to a nice bit of wisdom: “When you’re with someone, you put up with the stuff that makes you lose respect for them, and that is love.” Indeed. Erin, you will be missed, and I thought the fact that you had to spell out the term “boner” was incredibly adorable.

Andy is particularly peeved when Rob belts out his signature tune: “Faith” by George Michaels, whom Andy dresses up as for Halloween. “I thought you were Adam Lambert” says a clueless member of the band. Needless to say, seeing Colbert belt out “Faith” was a highlight, even if it was via Skype and his doing it live would have been more fun. Can’t you just see Colbert dressed up like a member of Wham? (We sort of did in that 80s spoof video he did on “The Colbert Show”- “Charlene (“I’m Right Behind You)”)

As Colbert put it: “They said they needed 20ccs of George Michael, stat! And just, Wham! I sprang into action!” Well played, Colbert. I also loved that his main claim to fame was a compliment from Trey Anastasio! Good stuff.

Lots of quotable stuff tonight, much of it centered on “Here Comes Treble” aka the “8 Rain Men.” “What lab did these little clones escape from?” queried Dwight. Meanwhile, Andy sought to spend some “inter-generational bro-time” with the boys. I loved their incredibly obtuse back-handed statement about Andy: “He reminded us of how much he means to us and we certainly seem to mean a lot to him.”

Clark, sucking up to Andy for all he was worth, told the “Treble”: “There’s no way you are making this much magic with your mouths.” Andy was at turns the “Boner Champ” at “Spring Sing ’95,” where he got ripped on “Bud Dries” and dry-humped a snowman and, later on, reduced to a “slutty Treb rat.”

Costume-wise, Kevin ruled the roost with his Charlie Brown get-up and Pam’s bit about “Dr. Cinderella” was cute and so very Pam. Meanwhile, Nellie went as “Sexy Toby,” which she was disturbed to discover actually served as a super-creepy turn-on for the man himself. The evening’s best creepy-funny bit by far, though went to Creed, who showed up in a blood-spattered shirt, and when complimented on his costume, said: “It’s Halloween…that is a really, really good timing!” (You kind of have to see Creed’s spot on- no pun intended- delivery to truly appreciate this one, as the look on his face was what really sold the twisted joke.)

All told, a pretty fun episode, easily the most consistently-entertaining one, though the “Work Bus” was a fun ride. What did you think? Did “Here Comes Treble” hold up to past Halloween-themed eps of “The Office”? Do you feel like the show is starting to hit its stride post-Carell, or should they have quit while they were ahead? Let me know in the comments!