The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Review “The Holographic Excitation” – Up to No Good in the TARDIS

It was inevitable that Howard’s trip into space would go to his head and in “The Holographic Excitation,” this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, we got to see, first hand, just how (understandably) annoyed his friends and family would be by it.

True, his time on the space station could very well be the highlight of his career, the achievement he may never be able to match or surpass, but does that give him the right to bring it up in every conversation? Literally…Sheldon undertook it as an experiment and proved it so. An argument could be made either way, but of course we come down on the side of the people who haven’t been in space.

As awesome as she was, I really wanted Bernadette to slap her husband over the head with the fact that while going into space was a major deal, being married and starting a family were also huge adventures that deserved just as much of his attention and enthusiasm. She didn’t, of course; she just looked adorable in her Smurf costume and forgave him for being such a tool. She also made sure he saw a clip on Youtube of Buzz Aldrin handing out Halloween candy and making a reference to his own trip into space. Pun intended, it brought Howard right back down to Earth. (This was a brilliant cameo, by the way, as they usually are on this show.)

Yes, it was Halloween time and that meant Stuart’s annual costume party at the comic book store, or as it’s otherwise known, his yearly attempt to get a girlfriend. His new BFF, Raj, offered to help out, even going so far as to secure a TARDIS photobooth which was absolutel desecrated by Penny and Leonard. What would the Doctor say?!

Apparently, all it took for Penny to remember why she decided to date Leonard was a trip to his lab. There, in the glow of the lasers and holographic projections, they rekindled their physical relationship (which was on life-support) and possibly even their romance. All right. I don’t want to hear anything more about Penny not being happy until at least the second half of the season.

Speaking of relationships, Amy put her foot down with Sheldon and demanded that show the world that they are most definitely together. Her idea of proof? A couples costume…that wasn’t Hewlett and Packard or C3PO and R2D2. He either went along with it or he had to give her a hickey. Good for Amy!! I love her more and more every week, especially now that she no longer idolizes Penny so freaking much. She’s much better when she is her own person.

All in all, it was a fun Halloween romp that gave us Sheldon as Raggedy C3PO. Perhaps not as iconic as his first season costume, but one for the history books.

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