Hunted Season 1 Review “LB”

Hunted (Cinemax) Episode 2 LB

We pick up with Hunter during one of those awfully stressful spy weeks, as the second episode of BBC/Cinemax’s Hunted, ‘LB’, sees her continue her mission of babysitting the family she got in good with last week while doing jobs for Byzantium.

The trouble is, the family figurehead is the dodgy gangster keeping her (apparently set-up) colleague in the basement, interrogating him in the way only TV and movie gangsters know how. This week’s episode sees Hunter find out a little more about her attempted assassination, as well as the people behind the trauma that saw her escape for a year, while ‘removing’ said colleague from the building in any way necessary. Placed within the building underneath which everything is going down, she’s in the ideal position to deal with the problem, but gets some useful information out of the hostage first.

The show’s main problem is still the protagonist’s lack of vulnerability or humanity, as to be a master spy she must appear cold, skilled and capable above everything else. This might be a semi-realistic take on the character but doesn’t help the audience connect with her plight in any permanent way, making the series seem distant and slightly unconvincing as a result. The team back at headquarters are equally po-faced and regimented, and we’re given no information about their personal lives or relationship with Hunter to convincingly implicate them in the overriding mystery.

But the suspects are building up, with the knowledge that a mysterious scar-faced man was behind her ordeal in some capacity is revealed to Hunter this week. I was impressed that she discovered his role to play and got to confront him in the same episode, since a lot of shows would have dragged this titbit of information out for at least a couple of weeks. They give each other a good thrashing before parting ways but, with a character as veiled and unfeeling as this, it’s hard to care about the relationships that may be threatened by some mass betrayal, since we’re given zero information about how she might have felt about them in the past.

What did you think of the episode? Do any of the clues revealed this week point to those closest to Hunter? Let us know in the comments.