Homefront (ITV1) Review Episode 5

Homefront (ITV1)

The penultimate episode of Homefront takes a turn for the dramatic, as the women each deal with their respective partners. With the soldier’s home for a few days and months having passed between episodes four an five, things come to a head and we’re set up for an explosive finale next week.

The big story centers on Louise, as her husband comes home to a thoroughly unwelcoming house. Now officially separated after he was found playing away, Louise only agrees to let him stay with the kids for one night. After discovering that someone else has been coming around in his absence, he lashes out and takes the kids to the cottage the family had talked about buying. I’m not entirely sure whether I liked this storyline or not, since it broke out of the realism Homefront has dealt with over the last four weeks a little, vilifying the cheating husband even more.

The time jump seems to have been across a few months, and Tasha’s now as big as a house and looking fit to burst. Still resenting Paula for what she did at the hearing in the previous episode, the stubborn pair are as estranged as they’ve ever been, and we see both try to reach out to each other this week. Tasha and Paula have been my main point of interest across this series simply because their storyline is the most harrowing. When you’ve got unnecessary death and overwhelming grief next door, rowdy step-children and dishonest husbands just don’t compare.

It’s the most consistently compelling storyline in a show that doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be. With half the story-lines coming across as trivial as anything you’d find in a ITV soap opera and others echoing some of the best US dramas, the comparison can sometimes be detrimental to both ends of the scale. With things bound to be wrapped up for good next week, I hope the resolutions for these characters are more gripping and assured than their journeys have been.

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