Grimm Season 2 Review “La Llorona” – “Real Is Sort Of A Relative World Term Around Here.”

It was a special Halloween episode when Grimm takes on the Spanish ghost story La Llorona. According to the legend, La Llorona is the ghostly apparition of a woman who, in life, drowned her three children to get revenge on her husband for cheating.

In the Grimm world, the La Llorona story begins with a father and son fishing on the banks of a river. Dad sees a woman in a long white dress crying on the shore of the river. Thinking that she’s going to drown herself, dad runs after her and dives into the water to save her. Instead of grabbing her out of the water, dad sees the woman walking with his son away from the river. Cut to dad running after his son, and finding no trace of Rafael or the woman in white.

Nick and Hank are called to the scene, and since no one on the police force (aside from one single person who happens to be on vacation) speaks even a lick of Spanish, Nick calls on Juliette to help translate. With her help, Nick and Hank question the neighbors. One woman shares the story of La Llorona to the disgust of Rafael’s father, and also tells Juliette a few things about the cat scratch and the ramifications that she’s suffering from the scratch. Juliette denies that anything is wrong, and tells the woman that despite what she says, Juliette will not have to choose between two men. Yeah, okay.

Anyway, Nick discovers that his ancestors also hunted a woman in white, but really had no idea what she was. They apparently don’t believe in ghosts, but with once Nick, Hank, and a Wesen that has been tracking the woman for the last five years find La Llorona and the three kids, no one really has a choice except to believe in ghosts. Nick dives in after the woman in white, only to have her slip quite literally through his fingers.

Overall, there were a few scary bits in the form of La Llorona’s makeup and bleeding eyes. Other than that, not much else impressed me. The episode was okay, but not much with the case jumped out at me.

The best part of “La Llorona” was Monroe. Aparantly Wesen love Halloween, and Monroe goes all out – decorating the hell out of his house, dressing up to pass out candy, and even helping out a little girl being bullied by a bigger kid. Hearing her call him “Mr. Monroe” pretty much melted my heart. It’s no secret that I would take a show dedicated strictly to Monroe, but I think everyone can admit that this week was some of his finest.

Grimm is the perfect show to decompress with on a Friday night, I only wish that it could have been a little scarier given that it was the Halloween episode. But it is well worth the watch, and a decent hour of TV.

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