Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Review “I Saw Her Standing There”

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Episode 4 I Saw Her Standing There (4)

Somehow the doctors on Grey’s Anatomy managed to make encouraging progress this week between having tons of sex and servicing patients from time to time. Well, technically, not everyone is having sex. A handful of people – Christina, Mer, Der, Jackson, April, Webber and Catherine – seem to be having lots of it.

Although she’s no closer to reconciling with her husband, Christina worked on developing deeper bonds with her colleagues at the Mayo clinic. Since her return from her involuntary leave, she managed to pick up a sex buddy and an actual buddy. Unfortunately, the sex buddy is a bit of a douche bag who was trying to force Christina’s new friend into retirement. How dare anyone try to set George Feeny up for a downfall? Thanks to some well-deserved chastising from Meredith and her own good sense, Christina realized the importance of nurturing her real friendship with Mr. Feeny and pushing him to challenge himself with new techniques. Watching Christina order two old fashions for her and Mr. Feeny at the end of the episode completely made up for my frustration that Owen is all alone at Derek’s trailer, staring at the stars.

Speaking of Owen, he managed to use the despair of his own relationship to give some words of wisdom to Derek. I’m always a fan of Owen/Derek scenes but I particularly loved Owen’s wake-up call to Derek about his tendency to run from his troubles, grow a beard and isolate himself in the woods. As great as it would be to see Derek return to surgery, it is nice to see him using the experience to grow closer to and more supportive of his wife. By the way, this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy was directed by Kevin McKidd (Owen).

Like Owen, Callie has been feeling estranged from her wife. Weeks of blame and bitterness had forced Callie out of her home and into the empty bed of her dead friend. Not good. As much as I’d like to see these two reconcile soon, I appreciate that the writers have tried to realistically capture the time that it would take for someone to get over such a traumatic experience. How much more did you love Callie after learning that she never told Arizona that Alex was the one who amputated her leg? Her loyalty, love and kindness were finally rewarded this week with an invite to watch a little tv with her wife. It was also nice to see Arizona finally crack a smile again. I completely understand she needs time but I do miss her relentless optimism.

Jackson’s mother, Catherine, returned this week to take on a really ball-sy surgery with Dr. Webber. Pun intended. So many funny scenes resulted from Catherine’s visit. To begin, we watched Catherine going on and on about April needing to have sex, completely unaware that April was having a grand ol’ time with her precious son. I loved the cowboy standoff between Jackson and Webber. The scenes are perfectly complemented by the occasional barb from Meredith or the inadvertent meddling of Bailey. Times have truly changed when Bailey is in an operating room revealing her occasional indulgence in fart jokes.

Overall, this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy was pretty good. Things in tv land always have to be expedited a bit but the writers have done a good job at allowing the characters to progress through the crash aftermath at varying paces. What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off below!