Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Review “All In” — Six Degrees of Convenient Plot

It’s week three of Beauty and the Beast. In ‘All In’, Cat investigates the murder of a judge, Vincent gets mysterious, Muirfield begin to make their move, and JT develops an ulcer.

The case this week was worse than last. A young Bosnian woman is accused of murdering the judge who had her brother deported. Cat is sure she’s innocent, something which Vincent confirms. Suspicion initially falls on the ex-boyfriend, but then it turns out to be your standard conveniently-placed overly-helpful human-trafficking spittoon-using easy-to-spot-tattoo bearing bartender. You know, the type of person that nobody would have suspected within the first five seconds of seeing him appear on screen.

Things were vaguely better outside of the case. When Cat got herself put on leave for overstepping her boundaries, she got to witness Vincent in action. He followed her (again) and then tried to interrogate a suspect by, uh, rendering him unconscious. I know Vincent trained as a doctor, but surely JT can hook him up with some episodes of Law & Order or something, because Vincent, that is not how interrogating a suspect works.

Still, between the info he gleaned over the course of the ep and some conveniently placed photographs, Cat caught her guy. Well, Vincent caught the guy. This episode was basically a lesson in doing your job by proxy, even if the proxy is half-assed at it. (Said proxy being so half-assed at life that while he could hear a woman’s heartbeat from up on a rooftop last week, he can’t hear a little girl’s rattling chest without a stethoscope from right next to her this week.)

There were two particularly good things: Firstly, Vincent used his so-called burner phone to exchange mysterious texts with someone. ‘Cleaning things up,’ the other person said. ‘Where are you? Lemme help,’ Vincent replied. Who could this be? Another Muirfield project/victim? And what were they cleaning up? Secondly, the Muirfield project storyline is picking up speed. Evan was the subject of a visit by an official who wanted to check that his morgue and paperwork were in order. Except this official was actually a member of the Muirfield project who took the hair samples found in episode 1 and used them to determine that Vincent is alive. (Honestly, I figured they probably already knew that. For a man in hiding, Vincent is seriously lacking in stealth.)

Actually, if Vincent can come hang out on Cat’s fire escape then it must mean that no one from Muirfield is keeping tabs on her currently. If that is the case, why doesn’t she just hook Vincent up with a phone in someone else’s name and they can send each other vague texts? It doesn’t seem like anyone will be checking. Get him a phone in her sister’s name and send ‘In my room lol’ when she wants him to come over and chat. There, sorted.

Also this week, we got a proper look at Vincent as the ‘monster’. Now, given the title of the show and the past glimpses of him when he looked alternately like the Grinch and the Hulk, you may have expected Vincent to look monstrous. As did I, dear reader, as did I. Instead he looks like a slowly melting waxwork of Kevin Bacon. I mean, come on, he could walk down a street at night in his monster-guise and folks would probably just assume he was drunk and naturally odd-looking.

My favourite character continues to be JT because he seems as exasperated as I am with this show. Best line: “Okay, we’re all gonna die. I’m getting a Tums.”

It’s not that I don’t like this show, dear reader, I just find it bland. Is it a detective show or is it an urban fantasy romance? If it’s going to be both then the lines need to be blurred — Vincent can’t just pop up in the middle of the case, say ‘I know he/she is lying’ and then randomly provide clues, especially not if his way of dealing with suspects may leave them in need of his doctoral expertise. He needs to skulk less and do more. Somehow. I don’t know, it’s like Edward Cullen decided to be creepy with a cop, rather than a teenage girl. Thankfully, next week looks to be a lot better and a helluva lot more interesting.

What did you think of ‘All In’, dear reader? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!