Nashville Season 1 Review “Someday You’ll Call My Name” – The Boss, the Seductress and the Waif

Nashville (ABC) Episode 3 Someday You'll Call My Name (1)
I think one of the things that’s making me like Nashville so much is that the characters don’t seem like cariactures. Well, at least not most of them. “Someday You’ll Call My Name,” this week’s episode, has a perfect example of what I’m talking about and her name is Scarlett.

First of all, let me just say that I don’t absolutely hate her; she as a lovely singing voice and she’s very pretty, but in just three episodes, she’s managed to get on my nerves more than anyone else. I get that she’s the young, insecure ingenue, but when put up against a boss (Rayna) and a seductress (Juliette), a waif like Scarlett just looks weak.

Avery is cute, yes, and a real big catch, but Scarlett acts like a 1950’s housewife who only landed her gorgeous husband because she got pregnant. She’s terrified, literally terrified of losing him, so much so that she’s ready and willing to blow off the thing that could launch her to stardom on the off chance that her success might threaten her relationship. Maybe that would have flown thirty years ago…not so much anymore.

The thing is that Avery hasn’t shown any signs that he would leave her. Sure, it would be hard for him after struggling so long to see his girlfriend make it with just one demo, but the worst we’ve seen him do is flirt a little with his fans. We haven’t seen him cheat and we haven’t seen him get violent…what is Scarlett so afraid of? Until we see something that would convince me that Scarlett’s behavior is justified, I just can’t take her seriously.

On the other hand, my respect for Rayna grows with every episode. She is a great example of how women can be strong and feminine at the same time. I called her a boss earlier and she totally is…she manages her family and her career while dealing with her father’s machinations and her husband’s failures and her hair looks great through all of it…but she’s also a nuturer. She makes her kids breakfast and goes to their talent show; she’s found the balance that women are always searching for, but rarely achieve.

She is also smart enough to recognize that staying away from Deacon for the sake of her marriage is just plain common sense. That’s what I respect most of all.

On the other end of the spectrum there’s Juliette, a girl who’s struggled all her life thanks to the druggie of a mother she got stuck with, yet I don’t have as much respect for her. Instead of being proud of herself for what she accomplished on her own, she clings to her petty jealousies. I’m starting to think her obsession with getting Deacon on her tour is less about having him and more about taking something away from Rayna. The real fun will happen if they all end up on tour together, as it seems they might now that Rayna needs the gig more than ever.

But that tour might not even happen now that Juliette’s been filmed shoplifting. I think it was supposed to show us how desperate she is to control something in her life or some other pyscho-babble like that, but to me it was just the action of a little girl trying to get everyone to pay attention to her.

What did you think of the episode? Do you agree with me about the women of Nashville or do you think I’m being too harsh? Let me know below! And you can always follow me on Twitter @krieli1 so you never miss a review!