Last Resort Season 1 Review “Skeleton Crew”

Last Resort Episode 5 Skeleton Crew (1)

Wow! Well, that was pretty freakin’ awesome!

Last Resort returned tonight with “Skeleton Crew”, my favorite episode since the pilot and maybe the best episode of the series thus far. Every episode of this short series have been great, but there was just so many things working for it in tonight’s installment.

This series is great, but one of my theories for why it hasn’t been doing well in the ratings is the large cast, both on shore and off, and it’s quite hard to keep up with everybody. Getting part of the mainland cast onto the island was very smart, as we see a few characters from the mainland make their way to the island. Secretary of defense William Curry, Whitehouse Advisor Amanda Straugh and Grace’s dad Admiral Arthur Shepard all made their way to the island to negotiate Marcus’ surrender. I’m hoping that we can have more excuses to bring these folks to the island, as all of these scenes were absolutely brilliant.

If all goes well we’ve still got a lot of Last Resort to watch this season, but this episode will most likely be the one that ABC submits to the Emmy academy for Andre Braugher to hopefully get a best actor nod. He was absolutely on fire tonight. His “I will crush the jelly from your eyes” threat was incredible, and even his scenes with Sam were great. Sam reminding Marcus that they’re in negotiations with the United States of America, and “they don’t apologize”, was very stirring. It really makes you wonder how you would react if this very same thing was happening. If I heard about what the Colorado did if it had happened in real life, and saw them fire at Washington DC, I would probably mark them as traitors too. It’s interesting to think from the other perspective, and it’s clear that Sam was doing that here.

Meanwhile, I didn’t fully understand the mission the Colorado went on. They went to go fix a gap in their defenses, but in doing so they knew that it would give away their position and open them up to being attacked. Why would you fix the gap if it’s actually going to draw enemies towards you, instead of just waiting ’til the negotiations are over and manning a full crew? I did like the Cob finally acknowledging Grace’s command, though, but I definitely feel like they’re just coming up with excuses to have at least a few scenes on the submarine every week.

After my prediction last week that Kylie would seek out Christine, that actually ended up happening the very next episode! I’m definitely glad the two are working together, as it’s now only one story on the mainland that viewers have to keep track of, and Kylie isn’t a very likable character by herself. Christine is definitely proving to be a savvy woman, as she easily found out that Sam’s friend Paul was trying to manipulate her and turn her against her husband. I’m interested to see what happens next week, as it looks like Christine is going to go on yet another rant against the US government, but this time with Kylie having her back.

With the shocking twist of Admiral Shepard shooting William Curry and Amanda Straugh, and actually killing Straugh, I’m definitely interested to see what happens with them in the coming weeks. It looks like we’ll be keeping most of the cast on the island, after all!

Random Thoughts:

– Marcus’ threat of “I will crush the jelly from your eyes” has got to go down as the top ten best threats in TV history, right?

– Amanda Straugh mentioned a member of Marcus’ family that we’ve never heard of before now: Another son, who left him to go save the whales. I wonder if we’ll meet his estranged son sometime soon?

– Does anybody understand Morse Code? Do you know what James was saying at the end?