Hey USA Network, Don’t Be Rough With Necessary Roughness

Necessary Roughness "A Load of Bull" Season 2 Episode 8

So, I think I’ve made a recent pivotal discovery about myself. I’ve come to the profound conclusion that I prefer watching cable TV as opposed to network television. It seems I’ve seen the light. Please let the church say amen. You see, I’ve found that the scripted programs of some cable channels are much more entertaining than the ones found on any of the major networks. Case in point — USA’s football oriented drama Necessary Roughness is all kinds of awesome. However, despite my opinion, its fate seems to be in limbo . and I have a problem with this.

When Necessary Roughness first premiered in 2011, I remember being so busy with other things that I wasn’t able to watch it. Nevertheless, after discovering (and falling head over Nike sneakers for) Netflix, I was able to catch up on every single episode which immediately turned me into a bit of a devotee of sorts. Talk about instant gratification!

Sadly, that gratification, no matter how instantaneous it was, may be coming to an end.

USA, a network known for its feel-good and upbeat programming, decided to go ahead and renew a few of their primetime shows including Covert Affairs and Royal Pains. However, other programs like Common Law and Necessary Roughness didn’t get any of this immediate renewal love. As someone who happens to be a soft-core romantic at heart, I take offense to this — well, kinda. Everyone deserves love, but Common Law doesn’t deserve a sophomore year. I digress.

With the USA Network taking forever and a week to decide whether or not to bring Necessary Roughness back for a third year, I’d like to know what the deal is. In my humble opinion, the show is actually pretty solid and is a worthy companion to the other fare. It’s entertaining, and its second season has been a complete thrill ride. Golden Globe nominee Callie Thorne as the brilliant Dr. Dani Santino is quite engaging, and the antics surrounding Mehcad Brooks’ stubborn football player TK has been a real joy to watch this season. I’ve enjoyed seeing TK work towards getting over being shot. I’ve also enjoyed Dr. Santinio breaking things off with Matt and developing feelings for Nico. All of this stuff is good. Things just seem to be firing on all cylinders. I think it would be a shame to end it so soon.

With as much gritty stuff on TV these days, I believe it can be refreshing to watch Necessary Roughness, a show about a therapist who has just as much problems as the people she helps. Is it full of fluff? Well, maybe. However, the thing about the USA shows is that they have a way of putting one at ease. Heck, it works for me. It makes me forget about my day, and for one whole hour, I’m more concerned about Dr. Santino helping a patient than I am about the chicken burning in my oven. Ah, that was only yesterday.

So, what is it going to take to get USA to keep the show on? Is it going to need stunt casting? Is Dr. Santino going to have to have a steamy affair with Nico? Heck, I don’t know. I don’t write TV. However, I do know that I would be sad if USA cut the show.but maybe I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. After all, it isn’t as if they axed Necessary Roughness already. They just haven’t made a decision yet. Most insiders claim that there’s a fifty-fifty chance. Let’s just hope that USA makes the right decision and keeps Necessary Roughness on the air. It’s damn good fun.

After all, cutting it would be completely unnecessary.