CSI Season 13 Review “It Was a Very Good Year” – Almost Like Being in Love

CSI Season 13 Episode 4 It Was A Very Good Year (6)
It wasn’t a very good day for Greg in “It Was a Very Good Year,” this week’s episode of CSI, although apparently he had a very good week a couple of years back. It’s always nice when the writers remind us that these characters are not celibate robots who spend their nights reading textbooks. It just sucks that these reminders usually come in the form of a murder investigation.

Poor Greg had a fling with a music historian who helped him with the book on Vegas history that he wrote a few years back. It was nice to actually see the finished product, by the way; I never thought we would. His dream of turning the liason into a relationship ended, though, when her body was discovered slashed to near ribbons in a piano in the middle of the desert.

I’ve always liked the episodes that involve Vegas’s very colorful past (“Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang” is one of my favorites), but this offering felt particularly heavy on the Rat Pack-ness. There were a lot of flashbacks, a lot of mob handles, and a lot of Sinatra. A little of that goes a long way.

What I loved was seeing, yet again, just how far Greg has come in the past thirteen years. I wanted to cheer for him when he reminded DB that if one person could break the rules when the investigation got personal, everyone should be able to. (It was something I used to want someone to tell Catherine.) I also liked how DB handled it, admitting that he hadn’t been right in the way he handled his granddaughter’s kidnapping.

What didn’t I like? Morgan taking on Greg’s pain as her personal crusade. From the moment she figured out that Greg and the victim had been more than just friends, she was at his side constantly, trying to get him to talk about it. For someone who is supposedly interested in Hodges, she sure looked like she wanted to give Greg some very special TLC. Complimenting him, getting right up close to him, very nearly kissing him (or so it seemed to me)…I had no idea what she was doing. Fortunately, neither did Greg. Another moment of triumph for him came when he told Morgan she was the last person who should have been giving relationship advice.

If I didn’t know better, I’d swear the writers were looking to form a triangle.

It should have been Sara comforting Greg. Sara has known him for thirteen years; they really could be best friends. It’s far more believeable than Morgan and Hodges. Those would have been great scenes. There would have been a history between them that could have given the moments far more meaning. Perhaps there would have been a touch of longing on Greg’s part for the girl he lost to the boss. Or it would have been a great time for Sara to admit that her long distance relationship with Grissom is strained. Something, anything would have been preferable to what we got.

This is no comment on the actress who plays Morgan. I like her. I just wish they’d let the girl make her mind already. Does she really want Hodges? If so, she needs to stop noticing just how cute Greg is.

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