30 Rock Season 7 Review “Unwindulax”

30 Rock Season 7 Episode 4 Unwindulax

Election season may bring the worst out in some of us as humans, but it seems to have brought the best out of 30 Rock. Despite the fact that the entire election process is ripe for good humor, Tina Fey and company always seems to make the right choices for content. She may not remember all the details about that Texas Board of Education thing, and she may own an original Leonard Nimoy that nearly has a breast showing, but Liz Lemon knows how to use the political system to riff on a political structure that can’t be fixed by money or ideas alone.

For his part, Jack Donaghy was fantastic being his excessively competent, but woefully out-of-touch self. Unfortunately, Jack has to learn the hard way that money cannot solve all problems. (Don’t tell the pile I said anything.) While Liz’s and Jack’s respective struggles made for good television, it also made for relatively provocative television. It can be rather dangerous for a television show to throw itself into the political fray with this level of commitment. Then again, given the pure insanity that has surrounded this election, it should be a positive step for us to be able to sit back and laugh at it. Yes, 30 Rock is a left-leaning show, but their political affiliation has nothing to do with the level of hilarity in this early batch of final episodes. Sure, they may have insinuated (okay, they said it) that Governor Romney hunted human beings in New Hampshire, but the Democratic side of the aisle wasn’t made to look sterling either. It was a wholeheartedly amusing takedown of the political system as a whole. It’s an easy target, and not even a man who gets five votes could defend it.

Part two comes next Thursday. I guess Jenna Maroney is going to tell us who wins the election. Maybe she can also tell us where to find that otter that looks like Tracy.