Who Is on Arrow’s Hit List?

Going into Arrow, I was only moderately familiar with DC Comics’ Green Arrow. I knew of the character, but I wasn’t bothered by any departures from the source material because I didn’t know his story or who the major players and antagonists were. I was immediately hooked on the mystery that the CW’s version of Arrow presented, so initially I wanted to avoid learning any more about Green Arrow in case it would spoil all the plot twists for me.

I soon discovered that the CW’s Arrow took quite a few liberties with the classic Green Arrow characters and story, meaning that while there might still be a risk of possible spoilers, it was also possible that the plot would diverge dramatically. As a result, I no longer felt the need to keep Green Arrow on a complete spoiler blackout.

Armed with my new perspective, I set out to get some information about one of the more captivating puzzles presented on Arrow: Oliver Queen’s hit list. We’ve been treated to a couple peeks at this list. We’ve already seen Oliver cross Adam Hunt and Martin Sommers off his list, but who is left?

If you’re sensitive about potential spoilers for Arrow, I’d suggest that you stop reading at this point. Although there is no guarantee that all these characters will appear in Arrow, this list reveals more than just a bunch of made up names.

Spoilerphobes, you’ve been warned.

Still interested? With a little help from Wikipedia and the DC Comics Database I was able to compile some information on the characters on Oliver’s list that have appeared in the Green Arrow universe.

Danny Brickwell

In DC Comics, Danny Brickwell, aka. “Brick,” is described as a brilliant criminal kingpin, who also happens to have red, stony skin that gives him invulnerability and super-strength. If Brick appears in CW’s Arrow, those superhuman abilities might not translate into the realistic world they’ve set up so far.

Hannibal Bates

Hannibal Bates, aka. “Everyman” is described as a cannibalistic shape-shifter who is able to physically duplicate after ingesting bits of physical matter.

Albert Davis

Albert Davis is described as a charitable multimillionaire whose wife and children were assulted and murdered. Albert takes it upon himself to summon a legion of demons to protect the city but unfortunately, things go awry.

David Drayson

David Drayson, aka. “Slingshot,” is described as a “psychotic cop-killer.” His hatred for the police stemmed from the experiences in his youth, where he saw law enforcement as a force of oppression and persecution.

Isabel Rochev

Isabel Rochev, aka. “The Queen” started out her life a Siberian slave girl but grew up to become an eccentric businesswoman with an unhealthy obsession with the Queen family and Queen Industries.


While it’s still unclear if Oliver wrote the hit list himself, or inherited it from his father, he has an entire book filled with notes on potential targets. I expect that we’ll get even more peeks at his hit list in future episodes of Arrow.

It’s pretty cool to think that there are little details like this slipped into every episode of Arrow that call out to fans of the comics and slip past the rest of us unnoticed. To be honest, it has sparked my interest in the original comic books, and I’m looking forward to reading the Green Arrow comics so I can recognize those little details on my own in the future.

Have you noticed any other details in the last couple episodes of Arrow that fans of the comics would recognize right away? If so, point them out in the comments below!