Supernatural Season 8 Review “Bitten” – Not Enough Sam and Dean

=Supernatural Season 8 Episode 4 Bitten

In this episode of Supernatural, called “Bitten,” the boys stumble across the bloody aftermath of some kind of attack and find themselves part of a college film project.

It sucks when two of my favorite shows deliver episodes that I don’t love in the same week, but such is life. First I was disappointed by last night’s episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, and now I have to that unfortunately I was utterly bored by this episode of Supernatural.

I now finally understand those people who said they hated season 3’s “Ghostfacers.” Personally I loved that episode, but I also adored those characters so I didn’t mind if they were on screen a lot. Besides, Sam and Dean were all over that episode. This one: not so much. I felt like I was watching a completely different show, with characters I didn’t know or like all that much. Sam and Dean showed up here and there, but way too briefly for my liking.

The only thing I found the least bit interesting was watching Sam and Dean through the camera of the kids. Not just because, yay, Sam and Dean were on screen, but because it really did somehow feel different to see them that way. I can’t really explain it, but it was like I was seeing them with new eyes and it felt very intrusive, like we shouldn’t have been seeing those private moments between them. Weird, I know, especially considering all the extremely personal and private moments we’ve seen between them on this show. Like I said, it was weird.

The other thing I really enjoyed about this episode was the use of Milo Greene’s “What’s The Matter” throughout. There’s no doubt that it’s a very unusual song for this show, but I still found it haunting enough to work.

My favorite bits (yes, I did have some despite what I said above)….

“No clue who is painted on the walls.”

“Look, Starsky and Hutch.” – LOL! Wonder who’s who? Sam really has the hair for both of them.

“Is it just me or are you getting a workplace-romance vibe from those two?”- Haha! Boy howdy do the writers love fanning those Wincest fires, don’t they?

Seriously, is anyone ever going to ask how come an FBI agent has such ridiculously long hair? Just sayin.’ LOL.

“Did you eat a human heart?” – That is a question you never want to ask, or be asked, in your life.

I know it was wrong, but I kind of had to laugh at how many times they referred to eating a heart in one scene.

Dean suggesting they put an APB out on Rocky Raccoon.

“Time to hit the books. And feed the monster.”

“You know you’re starting to creep me out, man.”
“The feeling’s mutual, dude.”

Sam giving Dean crap for eating two burgers.

“Comes for the human hearts, stays for the co-eds.”

“I’m pretty sure that FBI guys don’t say ‘awesome’ that much.”

Kate tricking Brian into thinking she was on his side, so that she could kill him.

The final images and message from Kate on the screen, begging Sam and Dean to give her a chance.

Finding it interesting that Dean would give Kate a chance. I wonder if accepting Benny has changed him?

“Sam, do I really say ‘awesome’ a lot?” – Yes you Dean, but you know why? It’s cuz you’re so awesome.

What did you think of this episode of Supernatural? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • manz010

    I’ m sorry but this is hands down the worst episode of Supernatural I have ever seen.  I was not a huge fan of the ghostfacers episode and to me this surpassed the Ghostfacers nonsense and went beyond.  What were they thinking, Jared and Jensen were fine (when we saw them).  But the three individuals who couldn’t act to save themselves.  What were management thinking of.  What was it a filler week.  It was sloppy, boring, unuinteresting and just plain way below the genius that is Supernatural. This one was pure disappointment in a show that usually brings so much 🙁

    • Rikk Wolf

      Couldn’t agree more.

  • terrible “review”. This honestly is less of a review and more of a teenage fanboy/girls babbling. Comments about hair? The startsky and hutch joke was a highlight? Not enough Sam and Dean? We see them every week, hacking and slashing and it’s great for these great writers to expand Supernatural. Hell this could be set up for pilot about Kate? the werewolf. Pretty low brow write up.  This was a  good episode. Honestly it was a fresh approach and well made episode all around, even with the “found footage” theme. Things like this keep your show fresh much better than the MOTW or fanning the masturbatory flames of people like this reviewer with one liners and Sam and Dean brooding for the ladies. It was still Supernatural but really showing the rest of the parties involved side of things. We saw through the lens(literally i guess) of the people effected by the supernatural which i thought was a awesome take on an episode. standard tropes, yes, but well acted by all.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for calling me a teenager. I’m truly flattered since I haven’t seen my teen years in a very long time. Glad you enjoyed the ep but I also have every right to dislike it. And I’m usually one of the first to say when it gets into overly in “fanning the masturbatory flames” as you so eloquently put it. 

    • No

      your wrong, it’ tat simple

  • Anthony

    I really Loved it I’m A real Fan Supernatural can’t do wrong by me As long as they keep making Episodes, I like the new look at a case for the boys seeing the madness on the other side seeing the suffering from the victim, I think your truly wrong on this one great writing great little spin on the usual way we watch a episode 😀 great monster. 

  • Well at first i felt like it was the worst episode ever(no death scene at the beginning, but i found it odl refreshing to see the life of the victim for once. and see sam and dean from the worlds point of view instead of demonslaying badasses.I thought this was the worst,but after a reflection on how i felt at the end when she finished the movie i got a really”CHRONICLE” vibe ,and now consider it one of my faves, and i actually cared about that chick at the end.Usually halfway i can say its a,blah blah blah monster.With this episode i didn’t know what would happen next. Don’t get me wrong, i love the tradish style of supernatural, but its always good to mix it up a bit….And i effing loved ghostfacers(RIP Corbitt)i thought it was awesome I like that supernatural can make you laugh,cry,puke,and learn all at the same d time.
    P.S the worst episode..really..trying 2 think…maybe…debatable…what about the one with the naked cupid on valentines day or the christmas special..yeah def the christmas special, it made me bummed the last christmas dean had b 4 hell was in a motel.With busty asian beauties for a present,what no gold plated crucifix.  

  • skyandnight

    Seconded. Not enough Sam and Dean. And personally, I hate the whole shaky-hand and fuzzy amateur-style episodes.

    • ptjackson

       Amen skyandnight!! What you said, 1,000 times!

  • I feel like everyone calling it the “worst Supernatural episode ever” is the CW audience. By that I mean, they like shows like One Tree Hill or Gossip Girl–recycled writing and plot that are too much of a fangirl/fanboy to watch an episode objectively.

    I’m a huge fan of the show but I thought the show has rather been tired in its formula. “Oh look, there’s this giant apocalyptic thing hanging over our head but for some reason we’re gonna drive halfway across the country for a monster of the week”.

    Honestly, this is one of their best episodes ever. I like the actors they chose, first of all. Not some overly handsome kids but some average looking kids that are attractive. 

    In the beginning, yes, it felt like the worst episode ever and boy I had hoped the “found film” thing was only going to be for like 5 minutes because frankly I hate the genre of Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity.

    But by the end of the episode I was so incredibly blown away. I connected with the “monsters” of the week for the first time. I had originally disliked the girl in the beginning and felt bad for the film kid but by the end I cared very much about her and was actually whispering “kill him, kill him!” when she was in the bathroom. I mean, seriously. This episode had what most “found film” genres lacked: heart, love, and a story narrative. That last shot of her walking away as the sun set in the horizon? GORGEOUS SHOT.

    People who disliked it needed to watch it with an open mind and not this bias of “WHERE’S MY SAM AND DEAN”. And for those saying it makes no sense that Dean let Kate go or that Benny changed him–no. Dean has always been: kill the monster. No matter what. But he’s never connected with them. Even Amy, that was Sam’s girl, not Dean’s. And I’ve felt the same way about monsters too. But if you sat there watching this 20 minute documentary of these young kids falling love and going through turmoil, having their whole lives destroyed from something they never even asked for–wouldn’t you let them go? It’s why Dean let Kate go. The documentary had severely humanized her to him and even Dean’s soft side felt for her. How much it sucks when you’re cursed with a life you never asked for.

    • Anonymous

      FYI – I’ve never seen One Tree Hill or Gossip Girl and until this season, SPN was the only CW show I watched. So I don’t consider myself the “CW audience”. 

      For me it wasn’t just about missing Sam and Dean, it was about not caring about the characters that they gave us instead. If anything, I felt like those people were cookie-cutter CW characters. 

      But like I said, everyone has a right to their opinion. If people love it, that’s cool, I just don’t want to be lumped into a certain category because I disliked it. 

      • Right

        @Mokibobolink, your wirte up was spot on, do even responed to these peopl.

      • ptjackson

         Me too – I am not a regular CW watcher either – I watched Smallville – later seasons, and am watching Arrow now, possibly Beauty and the Beast (but the jury is still out) but that is it for the CW programming.

        I realize that the people in charge were trying to do something different, but for me personally, it just did not work.

    • ” And for those saying it makes no sense that Dean let Kate go or that
      Benny changed him–no. Dean has always been: kill the monster. No matter
      what. But he’s never connected with them.”

      I don’t agree with that. Dean has connected with monsters before. Even though Dean may not have connected romantically/sexually with Madison in S2, I think he connected with her too. He understood her plight and he felt sorry for her. But at the same time, he knew that she was killing people and she was going to continue killing people even if she didn’t want to. There was also Lenore in S2. He initially wanted to kill her, but when he saw that she was fighting her bloodlust and not killing anyone, he let her go. There was also the demon Casey in S3 and Lucky the skinwalker in S6. He totally understood where Lucky was coming from and empathized with him because he felt their situations were fairly similar. Dean’s primary measuring stick isn’t so much whether something is human or not so much as its whether they are killing people. That’s why he made the choice to kill Madison and Amy. They were killing people.

      • Anonymous

        My big problem is that Lucky DID kill three people, so he didn’t fit into the not hurting humans category.  That’s one of the reasons I HATED that episode.  Casey killed Dean’s friend Ricky and Dean was willing to let her go. Only Lenore demonstrated a real commitment to not killing. She hadn’t killed in years. So, yeah, I have some problems with the monsters Dean is willing to let go.

        • I agree with you; especially about Lucky. There were a number of things I didn’t like about All Dogs Go to Heaven, but my major gripe with it was that I did not agree with Dean letting Lucky go. Not only had Lucky killed 3 people, it wasn’t true to Dean’s character for him to let Lucky walk away. But that wasn’t really the point of my comment. The point of my comment was that Dean has, on several previous occasions, connected/empathized with monsters. But the fact that he empathized with them didn’t stop him from killing the ones that killed humans. That was the whole thing with Amy. Dean understood why she did what she did and he felt for her; but as far as he was concerned, her desire to save her son didn’t negate the fact that she killed 4 innocent people. So he put her down. In short, Dean empathizing with Kate isn’t something totally unusual for him.

  • mauraHT

    Totally agree–it was awful!  It was as if the entire professional staff took a vacation and handed cameras to 3 high school AV students (who couldn’t act BTW). No drama, no intrigue, no heart pounding moments–and no Sam and Dean! So far from the brilliance that Supernatural usually delivers that I didn’t even recognize it!  That herky-jerky photography made me crazy.  Had it been another show, I would have tuned out the first 10 minutes, but it was Supernatural and I kept waiting for it to get great. Big, steamy pile is what it turned out to be. You’re right–like the ghost facers but waa-a-a-a-ay worse. Can’t believe they aired it…hate to admit to myself I’m losing hope that they will salvage this season 🙁

  • Anonymous

    I enjoyed this episode very much! 

  • Air walker

    oh course the Chronicle style was overtly evident, the only way to not catch this is to not have watched Chronicle. From the worst set up ever(the restaurant bit) to the “you know it’s gonna come back” in five years sap bit to the completely unbelievable idea that she would spend the time going over ALL the footage, marking it, editing it, and polishing it while she sits, covered in blood, two dead bodies rotting besides her. I imagine her taking a break mid edit with beer and had overlooking all this carnage remaining and thinking “oh, back to work better finish this for the off chance anyone is EVER going to see it. So damn contrived. Give me Benny.

  • Anonymous

    An enjoyable and new episode that brings back a classic monster, and gives them some more depth.

    The theme of this episode was a great choice, what it’s like to be the monster that are on the end of Sam and Dean’s crosshairs. And what it’s like to become a monster, and of course the Werewolf was the perfect choice since they are the most pitiable monster in Supernatural. I also enjoyed the camera guy’s, forgotten his name, desire to become a monster to stop being weak, it would have been stronger of him to turn away from such a terrible thing.

    Dean and Sam were on top form in the few moments they were on screen, loved the painted on the walls quote, and Dean realising he says awesome a lot. Awesome. 😀

    The biggest surprise was Dean agreeing to leave Kate alone. Sam I expected that from him, it was the same with Amy and Jack Montgomery (The Rugaru in S4), Sam wants to believe the best in people and that having a dark side like that doesn’t mean your damned. But Dean agreeing, after he was so gung-ho about ganking both Amy and Jack was the biggest surprise, perhaps it’s guilt over what he did in Purgatory that makes Dean feel like he can’t judge her, or it’s pity that she didn’t choose this and hasn’t harmed any humans, we can’t be sure. But I’m leaning towards the former.

    An enjoyable episode, and I absolutely cannot wait for the next episode. Benny returns!! And Sam finally meets him!! 😀

    • Anonymous

      After reading your comment, I feel like I’m seeing the episode through a different set of eyes. Thanks for telling us why you enjoyed the episode without attacking those of us who didn’t. 

      To each their own I say!  :o)

    • I’ve mentioned this in a few other comments, but I’m not at all surprised that Dean let Kate go. And I don’t think it has anything to do with guilt over Benny. It’s true to Dean’s character for him to let supernatural beings go that haven’t killed any humans. Yes, technically speaking Kate is a monster. But she hasn’t killed anyone yet, which in Dean’s book means she can walk away. He’s said this before. In The Girl Next Door after he killed Amy, the second question he asked Amy’s son was whether he’d killed anyone. When the boy said no, Dean let him be. The same is true of Dean’s daughter Emma from Slice Girls. He told her that she should walk away because she hadn’t killed anyone yet and she didn’t have to become a monster. That’s also the reason he agreed to go and talk to Jack the Rugaru. Jack hadn’t killed anyone yet.

  • Hi Michelle. I absolutely agree with your review. Tonight’s episode of Supernatural was unconventional (even for this show), and I didn’t really care for it. “Bitten” certainly won’t top my list of favorite SPN episodes, but it wasn’t the worst either (“Bugs” still holds that distinction). There was no development on the season long mytharc or on the Boys’ relationship, but I’m ok with that for now. If we were 12 or 13 episodes into the season and did an episode like this, I would be pretty pissed. But this episode came early enough that it’s alright that it didn’t deal with any major story points and didn’t feature a whole lot of the Winchesters.

    This is not the first time that SPN has played with the form of the show. One thing I’ve always appreciated about SPN is their willingness to experiment with storytelling. It keeps things interesting and it allows for some artistic exploration. Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I must say that I have never liked films shot on handheld cams or that “found footage” crap. I hated The Blair Witch Project and I actively avoided Chronicle and all of those Paranormal Activity movies. I am just not a fan of that style of film making. That being said, “Ghostfacers” from S3 was shot almost exactly like this episode, but unlike “Bitten,” I actually enjoyed “Ghostfacers.” After thinking about it for a little bit, I’ve concluded that I liked “Ghostfacers” better because I enjoyed those characters much more. They were interesting and at times downright funny. I was much more engaged in that story and more invested in those character outcomes. I cannot say the same for “Bitten.” It wasn’t the acting. The actors were fine. It was how shallow, boring, and generic the characters were. I didn’t care about Michael and Kate’s lovefest. I didn’t care about Brian’s jealousy. I just didn’t care about them at all. And if I’m going to watch an episode in which the Winchesters are almost totally absent, I want the characters to be much more interesting than these kids were.

    When speaking about superheroes and supervillains, my dad always says that heroes were heroes long before they became super and likewise villains were always villains. Receiving the power simply revealed what they were already. That’s something this episode touched on. Brian wanted to be bitten because he wanted to feel power. He wanted to get the girl. He wanted to be the big man. He wanted to step out his friend’s shadow. He was jealous, insecure and angry before he got bitten. The bite didn’t change that. It simply amplified those feelings, which resulted in him killing the only real friend he had. Supernatural has kind of dealt with this concept before, but it was in such a controversial episode (yes, I’m looking at you ‘The Girl Next Door”) that I think people lost the message. A clearer illustration of this point is Gordon Walker from “Fresh Blood” back in S3. When Dean tried to reason with Vamp!Gordon, Gordon responded that he was a monster. I don’t think even he knew just how true those words were. The truth is, Gordon was a monster long before he got turned into a vampire. He killed because he liked it. If he saved a few people in the process, that was fine. But he was really in it for the thrill of the kill. Getting turned into a vampire simply gave him an excuse to do what came naturally to him. People are what they are and the power doesn’t change that. 

    SPN has never shied away from the grey areas, and there was a pretty big one here. On the one hand, Kate is a monster. She’s a werewolf. And if history has taught us anything on SPN, she’s going to kill someone, or maybe even a bunch of someones,  before a hunter stops her. On the other hand, one of the lessons from “Bloodlust” in S2 was that just because something isn’t human doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s evil. At the end of that episode, Dean began to question whether he’d been killing things that didn’t deserve killing simply because they weren’t human. He ponders that here too. Dean is a guy that, historically , doesn’t deal in shades of grey and he also adheres to a strict code. Dean’s code says that as long as you aren’t killing humans, he’s gonna let you be. That’s the conclusion he reached here. Technically, yes, Kate is a monster and somewhere down the road she may kill someone. But right here, right now she hasn’t killed anyone. So they let her go. I think there are valid arguments both for going after her to kill her now and for letting her go and try to control the beast within. But in this instance, I think the Boys made the right call.

    Like I said before, this episode won’t top my list of must-rewatch. But I appreciate SPN’s willingness to experiment with form and push the envelope. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. This was one of the times it didn’t work for me. I’m REALLY looking forward to getting back into some Purgatory stuff next week, and I can’t wait to see what happens when Sam meets Benny.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, this was definitely not the worst episode ever and I did appreciate their willingness to dive into new territory. Unfortunately, I was completely uninterested in the results. When you’re sitting there waiting for the episode to end, I think that’s a bad sign. LOL. 

      And yes, I cannot WAIT for next week when Sam meets Benny. Good stuff. ;o)

  • I had my reservations about this episode before it aired. For me Supernatural will now and forever be about the Winchester brothers and their journey and so to have a episode where there appearance was kept to a minimum left me feeling a little apprehensive.

    That being said I enjoyed the episode alot more than I thought I would and for many of the reasons so eloquently put by LordoftheNight.  It was interesting to see the story told from an innocent victims point of view and to see how Sam & Dean are perceived through passing strangers eyes.  I can understand why the method of camera work could be disorientating but to be honest I didn’t notice that after a while and I enjoyed the Chronicle-esque feel even though I’m not a big fan of the hand-held genre

    Every episode is not for everybody.  There will be some you love and others not so much but this is defintely not the worst episode (Mannequin 3 The Reckoning anyone?).  It’s interesting that Bitten is being compared to Ghostfacers in terms of the style of the episode as Ghostfacers was an episode I didn’t take to on first viewing but came to appreciate later on.  Maybe the same will apply for those not feeling appreciation for Bitten right now 🙂

    Anyway I applaud SPN for trying something ‘new’ but look forward to seeing Sam & Dean getting back to what they do best next week

  • Amla29

    I really liked the episode. Was a good perspective of the victim changing into a monster!!

  • SaltyDog

    I have to agree just a freakn travesty of a supernatural episode.  About half way through I got distracted and started doing my IT study, this is how bad it was.  Have the producers and writers lost all faith in Sam, Dean and Castiel…  and especially the new character Benny, who I was really looking forward to.  Seriously stick to what the show is about and what the fans like!  Lowest moment, to have a bunch or bored uninteresting twats taking the piss out of the Winchesters, wtf!  Why don’t we just run the whole show from the perspective of the Kardashians.  I really want to see more of the purgatory back story and more of Benny, and more of Sam and Dean, and not this stocking filler pissing about.

  • Rikk Wolf

    Never have I found myself sitting through an episode of Supernatural bored to tears, rolling my eyes at poor acting, knowing everything that would happen before it happened and anxiously awaiting the end.  That all changed with this episode (not to mention the prior episode’s stark weakness).  

    Found footage is something I would expect Supernatural more to spoof than shamelessly carbon copy.  This episode was tragically unoriginal from the get go.  I’m all for creativity, outside-the-box thinking and seeing things from different perspectives, but this failed miserably on all counts.  If I wanted to watch annoying co-eds unbelievably film everything (even taking the time to set up a camera shot while a friend is bleeding to death) I would scroll up any given cookie cutter found footage horror flick.  The writers also seem to think cops don’t mind punk kids filming crime scene investigations…  Two episodes ago with, “What’s Up, Tiger Mommy”, we were treated to a great episode where we found out new things about the mythology (Crowley’s red!), met new characters and Dean had some truly hilarious dialogue.  I was highly entertained.  I am disappointed to see this kind of trendy schlock so soon after.     

    I love Supernatural, but to this episode, I have to say a resounding, “boo”.     

  • Fangride

    To be perfectly honest, I really, truly, loved this episode.

    In a way, it reminded me of the stellar episode of Doctor Who, “Blink” from Season 3, where the main characters are only briefly seen and used as simply background characters, while another story takes place not entirely involving them.

    What captivated me so much about this episode was the tone. It also gave me calls back to the lovely film “Chronicle” from a few years ago. The character development, the ‘powers’, and the way the characters reacted were very similar to that movie, and as in that flick, this episode pulled it off very well. I feel the pacing was perfect, and the writers did an excellent job of helping us understand and feel for the characters within the first thirty minutes.

    They used the *perfect* actors for the roles as well, as they really looked like kids you’d find in a college town. The writing felt the same way, and carried itself across in a very dignified way, even though the whole thing was told from the perspective of these handheld cameras. Seeing the characters act in certain ways felt extremely realistic, and helped me ‘believe’ in the story all the more. Plus, it had real heart – funny jokes, very brilliant dialogue that felt, as I said before, very realistic, and some very charming moments.

    As I’ve noticed others saying, I feel this episode really requires an open mind. I was aware this was a ‘found-footage’ style episode, and prepared myself for that, coming in with that expectation. And they blew my expectations out of the water, and put on a really excellent hour of TV,

    Another thing I really liked was seeing Sam and Dean through someone else’s point of view. We spend so much time ‘with’ them, that when someone else totally foreign sees them, we finally got to see how Sam and Dean are viewed from the outside, in the ‘real world’. “Workplace romance”, “Starsky and Hutch” and all those lines really gave me a very interesting outsiders view on the two of them, and how they could be perceived when someone doesn’t know them. We never get to see that side. Plus, we saw the side of the ‘monster’, and how he wasn’t just some monster. Sure, they’ve done a great job of  giving pathos to the monsters before, but this was the first time I really felt a connection with an outside character here.

    Finally, I do think that Kate might make a reemergence, though admittedly, I thought the same last season, when Dean let Amy’s son go in “The Girl Next Door”, and I totally thought the kid would show up for revenge, but he never did, but we shall see.

    So all in all, I did really enjoy this episode, and feel Season 8 is off to an incredibly solid start. I’ve not been this excited to watch the show for two or three seasons at least!

  • Mario Peliquito

    Worst Supernatural episode of all time.

    I understand that after 8 seasons, fresh new ideas are hard to come by. I assume that when you make a conscious decision of taking on a new season with 22 more episodes you have to weight what you think you’re capable of creating Vs the body of work you have built on thus far.

    With that said, the concept seems great on face value (Sam & Dean as backdrop caracters in an alternate parallel storyline), but it failed on so many levels that I’m not only sad about how terrible it was, but actually dissapointed that the team in charge allowed it to air.

    What I consider monumental fails for a show of this quality and suck all plausabilty out of the story:
    -Cliche caracters (AV to explain the handhelds, filming a blond girl who acts offended she’s beeing filmed but is actually “cool” with it and eager to hang with her two ex-stalker/new friends alone without any one of her huge group of friends around).
    -Cliche in Cliche caracters (Charming Hunk AV with the ripped body & Ackward Dork AV best friend with inferiority complex).
    -Acting rangeing from mediocre and bland to suddenly completely over the top during the “discussions/fight” scenes.
    -Sam & Dean trainned to spot things out of place since they were kids, suddenly can’t spot 3 people hidding behind a tree filming them within hearing distance  less than 20 feet away.
    -AV Dork can track GPS phone signal instantly validates and justifies beeing able to hack “anything”, that simple.
    -The whole AV Dork/AV Hunk “please bite me so I can be what your are/you have no idea how bad this is I’m doing you a favor not biting you”
    -“Werewolf” Professor who while in midst of fighting for his life against hunters, suddenly opens up and completely exposes his chest in order to be shot in the heart.

    I could list more stuff, but honestly the whole time I watched the episode I was just thinking: “Did these 3 young and extremely green actors win some type of Supernatural Fan/Submit your own episode script and get to act in it Competition? Was the usual production team on a retreat vacation for a week and hired temps to fill in for this episode? Come on guys… you’re better than this!”

    The only consistent quality and acting was the Sam & Dean “interventions” during the episode and it wasn’t even close to be able to save it from the disaster it was.

  • I LOVED this episode!! Everyone I talked to in my Supernatural group, loved it. I wish there was a bit more Dean and Sam but it was still GREAT. I kept forgetting i was watching a show bc commercial breaks were so far and few between. I LOVED seeing the people before they became monsters and I hope Kate can make it happen.I also loved that Sam & Dean still talk about Sam’s year off bc it means we will learn why…I’m sooooooooo excited for Wednesdays episode

  • WHY


  • Jen

    I loved this episode. Your favorite bits mirrored mine. but i love your review, you didn’t enjoy it but could find the good points too, thank you didn’t 🙂

    • Jen

      Lol not sure why didn’t appeared but forget that, thanks again