Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Review “Toad’s Wild Ride” – Stay Off the Highways, Folks

In ‘Toad’s Wild Ride’ the home invaders get their comeuppance, the Sons of Anarchy may have more trouble coming their way, and Gemma’s recent behaviour takes its toll…

Last week the audience learned that the nomads were the home invaders. This week Unser cottoned on, and it was only a matter of time before he voiced his suspicions to Jax. Of course, Clay didn’t know this when he told GoGo and Greg the Peg to kill Unser and then double crossed them. The result is that while two of the nomads are dead, and Clay could conceivably lie and say someone else put them up to the home invasions, Jax may still be suspicious. And then there’s still Frankie, the last nomad of the trio, who knows the truth.

The club’s attention will probably be elsewhere though. The episode ended with Jax and Chibs almost being taken out by two guys (at least one of them black) who shot at them and ran them off the road. Was it Pope, the Niners, or is this another twist to the power play going on in SAMCRO?

And then there’s Gemma. She slept with the guy from the bar last week and he took off with her purse and car in the middle of the night. Jax and the guys tracked him down, and Nero dispensed justice, but it was just another sign of how off the rails Gemma is that she would let her guard down so much. It was nothing compared to the end of the episode, however, when a high/tired Gemma almost drove into a truck and then veered off the road — with Abel and Thomas in the car. Little Thomas seemed well enough, but Gemma was unconscious and Abel was losing blood.

This was a big episode for everyone. Not only did Jax learn just how dangerous Clay is to the club, but now there’s the potential for yet another conflict with Pope and/or the Niners — and Pope is not someone the club wants to mess with right now. There’s also Gemma’s situation; even if Abel survives, this doesn’t look like something she can come back from. The situation with her and Tara is already tense, but if Tara and Jax realise that Gemma’s accident was caused by her own recklessness, how can they ever forgive her?

I’ve got to admit that Gemma’s behaviour at the end there didn’t convince me. We’ve all got to know Gemma quite well over the last four seasons, and while she has her needy and fragile moments (which could explain her getting conned), she’s also a damned strong woman who loves her family more than anything. I can’t believe that she would put Abel and Thomas in danger, especially when she could have gotten one of the guys to drive her home. I mean Phil was right there, he would have driven them home safely in a heartbeat.

The conversation Jax and Gemma had earlier about his brother Thomas makes me think that Abel may die, but then with Wendy back in the picture, it makes more sense for him to live and for her to use this accident as a way to get access to her son. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. However it goes, I really can’t figure out how Gemma’s relationship with Jax and Tara will be repaired, or how she’ll forgive herself.

The biggest mystery this week is probably who ordered the hit on Jax and Chibs. There’s Pope, but he gets more out of them being alive. There’s the Niners, but they answer to Pope. And then there’s Clay. As he pretty much said earlier in the episode, this is what he does, but would he go so far as to try and have Jax and Chibs taken out? I can’t imagine killing Chibs would be a good move for his Irish connections, unless Chibs was just collateral damage. What do you think, dear reader? Who is trying to kill Jax?

Overall, I thought this was one of the stronger episodes of this season so far. It’s definitely the only one that’s had me on the edge of my seat — I was truly worried for Unser and Juice’s lives at certain points!

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