Revolution Season 1: The Road So Far

Revolution (NBC) Chained Heat Episode 2

My initial worries about Revolution‘s long term viability have mostly been replaced by awe at the breakneck pace of the storytelling. In a mere five episodes, Miles’s militia ties have been revealed, Neville got himself a family, we lost a main (and potentially vital) character, and the groundwork has been laid for what appears to be an inevitable civil war. The series is still grappling with probability issues, but it has proved to be an entertaining ride. Given how much has went down so far this season, I figured we could all use a little cheat sheet that highlights the important developments and looks ahead at what could be coming up for our merry band of Danny-hunting travelers.

Miles Founded Monroe’s Militia

Revolution (NBC) Soul Train Episode 5 (1)

Miles, our resident badass, revealed himself to be the mastermind behind Monroe’s Militia giving him an appropriately dark backstory to go along with his snarky loner persona. The easy out would have been to add an addendum that the Militia began with good intentions, but Miles made it clear his outfit has been ruthless from the start. He adopted a take no-prisoners attitude when he rescued Jeremy (who, as we saw in “No Quarter,” ultimately blossomed into a sadistic, but high-ranking officer), and trained the members of the Militia to be brutal killing machines. He’s even responsible for Charlie and Danny growing up without a mother since he was the one who summoned Rachel to the Militia’s headquarters.

What we don’t know is what caused Miles to abandon the Militia (besides a guilty conscience), and how the previously timid Monroe became the leader of the Militia. I’m most excited to discover the source of the rift between Miles and Monroe, given that the men considered each other family at one time. There are several potential reasons for their falling out, including Miles’s discomfort with the direction the Militia was taking, but I feel like the issue may lead back to Rachel. We know that Miles brought her into the fold nearly 15 years ago, but we don’t know why. It seems strange that Miles, who has so much respect for his brother, would hold his wife captive. Perhaps it was Monroe’s idea? Or was Miles that desperate to get the power back on? I’m still puzzling this one out, but whatever Miles’s motives, I’m willing to bet his disillusionment with the Militia is as connected to Rachel’s extended stay as it is with his friend’s corruption.

There Are 12 Pendants

In order to keep Danny safe, Rachel revealed to Monroe that there are 12 magic, electricity-giving pendants (flash drives?) spread throughout the world. We know the whereabouts of three of them (Aaron has one, Nora has one, and the rebel she was communicating with must have one as well), but that leaves nine unaccounted for. Whoever possesses the pendents will hold the key to turning the lights back on and, at least in Monroe’s mind, achieving total world domination.

Interestingly enough, in “Soul Train” where the information was introduced, we see Hutch, Nora’s rebel contact, making a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, a book that saw Harry and his friends embark on an epic quest to destroy the Horcruxes that contained fragments of the evil Lord Voldemort’s soul. Miles, Charlie and the rest of their group are about to have a similar quest on their hands. At the moment their priority is still finding Danny, but once they find out Monroe’s plans they’re going to have to venture out into the world to track down the rest of those devices unless they want to see Monroe and his Death Eaters…err, I mean Militia, conquer America. Which is good news for us because we all want to see the Wasteland, right?

Is Neville Grooming Danny For The Militia?

Revolution (NBC) Soul Train Episode 5 (6)

We know that Danny is Monroe’s trump card to get Rachel to start talking, but the more I see of Danny and Neville’s interactions, the more convinced I become that the Militia’s coolest member is trying to lure Danny into joining Team Monroe. Neville has a love/hate relationship with his prisoner, but his respect for Danny is apparent. At times, he almost treats Danny with a great amount of respect, even going so far as to say Danny reminds him of his own son, who we now know is Charlie’s future love interest, Jason.

With Jason showing signs of being a rebel sympathizer and directly disobeying his father’s orders, it makes sense that Neville would see Danny as a surrogate son and potential recruit. The kid is a clean slate that’s just waiting to be given a purpose, and having one of our own join the darkside of the force would make for a compelling story. Even more compelling would be seeing Danny win Neville’s trust and then stab him in the back. February sweeps, anyone?

We Lost Maggie

Revolution (NBC) The Plague Dogs Episode 4 (10)

Oh, Maggie, we hardly knew ye. Still, thanks to some well-timed heartbreaking flashbacks her death felt tragic all the same. In an interview with TV Equals, creator Eric Kripke explained that Maggie had to die because “the scariest thing we could do is kill the doctor among them.” He’s absolutely right, of course. Now the characters have no safety net when it comes to illnesses or injuries, both of which will surely be plentiful in this post-apocalyptic world.

Maggie’s death also proved that the series has no intentions of playing things safe. Any character can die, even the tough British lady, who walked across America in search of a way back home to her boys.


Those are a few of the developments that have me excited about Revolution right now. How are you enjoying the show? Any thoughts on where the story is heading? Share your take on the series in the comments!

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