Parenthood Season 4 Review “I’ll Be Right Here”

Kristina’s big day arrived this week on Parenthood and of course, the Braverman clan was there to pitch in and help. Always stoic, Max was fine but Haddie understandably wanted to stay close to her family. I loved Crosby’s contribution in the form of what looked like a really awkward massage. Man-sized favors for all!

Kristina wasn’t the only Braverman taking a courageous step. As Max’s student government campaign came to a close, it was time for him to give a huge speech in front of the entire school. It was immediately apparent that Kristina was as nervous or perhaps more nervous about Max’s speech than she was her surgery. I loved the look on her face when Max pointed out that despite her best efforts, Bob Little lost his campaign.

Kristina and Max weren’t the only Braverman’s taking big steps – it was moving day for Drew and Sarah. Drew was visibly unhappy about Sarah’s impulsive decision to move in with Mark. Hank’s arrival only added to the grumpy teen and moving truck madness. Although I’m sure she had the best intentions, I was shocked that Sarah made the decision to move without even discussing it with Drew. As if moving in with his mom’s fiance/former teacher wasn’t bad enough, Mark did not have cable television!!!! Oh, the horror!

After horrible luck with a parade of questionable suitors, it was great to see Ryan “pony up” and ask Amber out on a date. I really hope that Amber gets at the very least, a good friend from this courtship. I loved the end of date handshake.

Seriously, what’s up with all of the tea offers? LOL. The waiting room scenes with Adam were well written and Peter Krause did a really good job at capturing the impatience and anxiety people feel when waiting for an update about their loved one. It was great to see Adam’s sibling defy the “no full house” rule.

I’m starting to sound like a broken record about how much I love Parenthood this season but the show seems to get better with each episode. I don’t know what warmed my heart more this week – watching Kristina’s family support her or seeing Max’s speech in which he vowed to bring back the vending machines and bravely discussed having Asperger’s syndrome. I seriously can’t believe he won the election. Vending machines for all!

Unfortunately, Kristina is not in the clear and she and Adam are not ready to share that news with the family. Parenthood just may get the unique distinction of making me cry each episode this season!

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