Hart of Dixie Season 2 Review “Suspicious Minds” – Jumping to Conclusions

I might be naive, but I always thought that couples usually brought role-playing into their sex life as a way to spice things up after they’d been together for years. Apparently not because in “Suspicious Minds,” this week’s episode of Hart of Dixie, we were treated to Zoe and Wade playing out an odd WWII-inspired sex fantasy. (And yes, she was still wearing her bra for those who noticed last week, but at least they give her really pretty bras.)

Have things gotten stale between them? Not really, but Zoe was determined to keep things casual…until she spotted Wade taking another woman into his house. All of a sudden she realized that she might not want an open relationship. Of course, instead of telling Wade that, she decided to accept a date with Ruby’s cute cousin and took him to the Rammer Jammer to rub Wade’s nose in it.

But the man who invented an entire method for dumping women is not going to be thrown out of joint by such an obvious ploy. That’s both the appeal and the frustration that is Wade Kinsella. He doesn’t act at all like the hero in a romantic comedy is supposed to act and I appreciate that, even while I find myself routinely surprised that the tropes Zoe pulls don’t work on him. It turned out that Zoe jumped to conclusions about Wade’s supposed date, but when she told Wade the truth about how she was feeling, he agreed that they would be exclusive in their casual sex. See, Zoe? That’s all it took!

Meanwhile, George was trying to be a good guy as he broke up with the girlfriend he didn’t really want in the first place, a nearly impossible feat for any decent guy. I was just sad to see Laura Bell Bundy go; she didn’t even get to sing. And everyone on this show sings!

The race for the mayor’s office heated up this week. After initially rebuffing Lemon’s efforts as his self-appointed campaign manager, Lavon warmed up to the idea when she started securing endorsements from some of Bluebell’s biggest names. It looked like Ruby was going to get her butt handed to her…until Lemon decided to shoplift a pregnancy test from the local market (instead of driving a few more miles to a bigger city) and to protect her, Lavon took the rap for the crime.

Keeping with her tradition of being the inadvertant cause of most bad things in Bluebell, Zoe accidentally spilled the news to Ruby who immediately published the story to smear Lavon’s good name, a move that rightfully lost her Zoe’s friendship. In the end, Lemon wasn’t even pregnant. She was just seasick from living on her new houseboat. She and George were both relieved and they agreed to swap homes, with Lemon moving into what would have been their apartment. Works out for them, but it doesn’t do much for Brick and Magnolia. Without Lemon taking care of them, they’re eating peanut butter sandwiches and buying new clothes to avoid cleaning the old ones. Looks like Brick needs to convince his lady friend to move to Bluebell.

I don’t think I’ll be able to stand it if Ruby beats Lavon. Speaking as a Southern woman, there’s a fine line between being charming and being smarmy, and she definitely crosses the line. You have to know just how much honey you can use to hide the poison in your words; too much and you give yourself away.

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