Happy Endings Season 3 Review “Cazsh Dummy Spillionaires”

Happy Endings Season 3 Premiere Cazsh Dummy Spillionaires (1)

You can keep your New Girls and your Modern Families, as there was only one sitcom (Community might make it two) that I was looking forward to seeing return this season. Long ignored and brilliantly funny, Happy Endings is finally back on ABC, and it hasn’t changed a bit in its absence.

The only Friends-style relationship comedy to come out of the 2011/12 flurry alive, Happy Endings has struggled a lot to get to this point. Now going into it third season, the writing is as sharp as it’s always been, the characters as believable, and the comedy as hilarious. Not many sitcoms can keep up the consistency for this long, and those that do are often rewarded with more mainstream success that Happy Endings has ever been able to enjoy. If anyone reading this review hasn’t seen the first two seasons, you’re advised to check them out right now.

With that plea out of the way, we can get to the episode itself. It probably won’t be remembered as one of the series’ standout installments, but does effectively ease us back into it’s style and pace. How much you enjoy it really comes down to how much you enjoy Dave and Alex, since their ongoing relationship issues are the week’s main focus. Announcing in the first couple of minutes that they’re casually dating (“we knew that”), they realize by the end that you can’t always go backwards in a relationship. With a jilted groom and runaway bride in their past, how can they ever go back to being casual?

If I’m being honest, while I quite like Alex’s character on her own merits, her relationship with Dave doesn’t tickle me in the way that Brad and Jane or Penny and Max do every week. Both couples get their chance to shine too, with Penny in a half-body cast and Max playing nurse. We get a brief glimpse of last year’s surprise guest star, Brian Austin Green, before he disappears without a trace, and a tumble down the stairs leaves Penny in a pretty bad state. Her physiotherapist is hot, though, and Max ends up drugging his invalid friend with sleeping pills just to spend some time alone with the guy.

Brad and Jane’s storyline was a little more mixed, laugh-wise. Damon Wayans Jr can make me laugh at anything, but there was still something a little off about their whole plot thread. Pretending to be a stay at home househusband while actually going to work in secret, we were never really given a satisfying explanation as to why any of it was necessary. There was also a random dummy, which is one of those Happy Endings quirks that we’ve come to know and love. Why is Brad suddenly a ventriloquist with a dummy named Sinbrad? Logic doesn’t matter here if they can get a couple of giggles.

What did you think of the episode? Will we ever see Brian Austin Green again? How do you feel about Dave and Alex rekindling their romance? Let us know in the comments.