Fresh Meat (Channel 4) Review Series 2 Episode 3

Fresh Meat

Kingsley and Josie remain at the center of things for this week’s Fresh Meat, even if the comedy is coming from elsewhere. With BP recruiting at the university job fair, the geology student rivalry comes into play between Kingsley, Howard and JP, while Josie, Vod and Oregon are all working through their own crises.

Howard comes to the forefront of this episode more than he ever has before, as the self-confessed oddball attempts to change his image and become more like Kingsley after being shunned by a BP recruiter. This obviously yields some funny moments between the flatmates, a highlight of which is seeing Howard dressed in hipster clothes and attempting to use contact lenses. His tense relationship with Kingsley hasn’t really been explored on the show before, with most of the latter’s story-lines revolving around his tired relationship with Josie. I’m still hoping for a Howard/Vod romance, if I’m being honest.

It’s a shame since, as I’ve expressed in previous weeks, the incessant focus on the show’s twisted ‘love story’ has really detracted from both characters’ strong points. Both Kingsley and Josie have become horribly unlikeable, and the weird love triangle between them and Heather isn’t making any sort of impact good or bad. It’s a storyline that had already become quite stale at the end of last year, and it seems like there’s really no need to drag it out much longer. This is a chronic problem for this second series in general, since Oregon too has also becomes stuck in a past storyline that really should have been wrapped up weeks ago.

JP is still good value, and I’m starting to appreciate how sidelined he has become this year. Had the writers cashed-in on his popularity we may well have lost what made him so special, and the character works best in a periphery story rather than as the main focus. This week, having lost out to both Kingsley and Howard for the BP scholarship, he sets about inventing the next big technological invention. After eliminating ‘tank-kopters’ (flying tanks), he moves on to the ‘phone-razor’ in a fit of desperation. This, of course, is all before he realizes how much his accent “makes foreigners sh*t themselves”. Why work?

This episode had it’s moments, as have the previous two, but the series has yet to hit the soaring highs of it’s first run. What did you think of the episode? Are you bored of Kingsley and Josie’s mating dance? Let us know in the comments.