Face Off Season 3 “Scene of the Crime” Review – Um… What Just Happened?

Face Off Season 3 Episode 10 Scene Of The Crime

It’s the final four on Face Off and now the competition gets down and dirty as one person is eliminated and the other three make up artists move on to the finale.

Silas Weir Mitchell, star of the drama Grimm, meets with the contestants and McKenzie who explains the spotlight challenge this week – the artists must create a character based on clues left behind on a crime scene. The premise of this challenge was pretty interesting, and left the artists with a lot of room to create and fabricate a character capable of the destruction that was found on set.

The cool thing about this challenge was that while it was up to the artist to create this character, they were given a set of clue that they basically had to follow and make work within their character. Bite radius, scratch marks, etc… all needed to follow the evidence presented by the crime scene. They have 30 minutes to study the scene, take pictures, and sketch.. before it’s off to the lab to work on their creations!

Out of the gate, Laura is not happy and starts to panic that she’s going home. Through the entire season of Face Off, Laura has been one that hasn’t exactly flown under the radar, but she comes in, does great work, and is safe… to see her struggle like this a few weeks in a row was pretty hard for me, since I do think she deserves a spot in the finale.

But day one goes by without any problems, and by day two, Laura is feeling better about things. Nicole struggles with her mold (when doesn’t someone struggle with their mold?) and with the help of Laura and Roy is able to crack that baby open and get to work.

It’s drama, drama, and more drama during the application phase, but like most episodes of Face Off, once the creations are on stage, the artists love what they’ve created, and the worry and stress of the last few days is gone.

In the top we have Derek and Laura, both of who the judges say did a complete make up and paid really close attention to details. I was thrilled for Laura, mainly because of her nerves through the entire process.

Roy went away from his fabrications this week, and the judges did not enjoy this choice (I call foul on this as they said last week that they didn’t want to see more fabrications from him), and that he made some “crippling” decisions.

Nicole relieved pretty decent reviews – the costume was cool, it had nice lines, etc. and the judges did say that they liked all of the creations and that picking someone to leave would be hard.

And oh my lord, the person that they sent home had me staring dumbfounded at my screen. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Roy went home. Just one week shy of the finals, Roy (who should have won) exited the make up room and will not be taking place in the live two part finale.

Now, here’s the thing. This season of Face Off has been extremely hard to judge – each contestant that remains (Especially in the final four) is crazy talented and should have a spot in the finals. But Roy?! You sent ROY home? The guy is amazing and could fabricate an entire costume out of a paper clip and a stick of gum if he needed to!

But, it does come down to the make up (even though Roy was great with that, too), and with the Halloween themed finale coming up next week, Derek, Nicole, and Laura will have some fun competing for that win!