Emily Owens, MD Season 1 Review “Emily and the Alan Zolman Incident”

In the wake of her impromptu and ultimately rejected confession of love, Emily’s insecurities and inner monologue amped up to a solid 11 in “Emily and the Alan Zolman Incident,” this week’s episode of Emily Owens, MD.

The odd thing is that she had every reason to be talking to herself. It was still her first week at Denver Memorial, but the nurses already hated her because they thought she’d hit on one of them, her best friend was keeping his distance knowing how she really felt about him, and the chief of staff was not-so-subtly pressuring her to keep quiet about seeing him and the nurse in the stairwell. That would be enough to drive me crazy.

At least she had her work to keep her busy. The cases were all fairly standard for medical dramas, but while it was a sad ending to the story, I was kind of okay with her OCD patient dying during the surgery to remove the tumor Emily found in her brain. I didn’t want this to be one of those shows where everyone lives thanks to Dr. Owens. It’s much more realistic when people die.

That being said, I do hope that Micah’s mother beats the odds. Not only are she and Micah the only people in the hospital who seem to like Emily without any conditions, but Micah is just a great guy and deserves to see his mom recover from her pancreatic cancer. I do have a feeling though that should the show survive, she probably won’t. I just hope it brings Emily and Micah together.

Of course she’s not over Will yet. How could she be when he looks like that? But I also don’t want to spend the rest of the season watching her pine over him while she ignores the really great, really cute guy who doesn’t just think of her as a friend. That would almost be worse than spending the year waiting for her to confess her feelings.

Am I harsh to wish Emily would smack Cassandra’s oh-so-innocent smile right off her face with a harrassment complaint? I know that’s not how TV characters deal with such things, but if I was being repeatedly called a derogatory nickname, I would be in HR every day until things changed. Maybe that makes me a tattle-tale, but whatever. I don’t give Cassandra a pass for being jealous of Emily. Something has to change there quickly or I will get really tired of their interactions really quickly.

The jury hasn’t officially come back yet, but the good news is that I enjoyed this second episode and I’m willing to come back next week for more. That’s a good sign.

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