Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 23 Season 2 “…A Reunion” Review – It wasn’t Pacey, Jen, and Joey’s Creek!

Don't Trust The B---- in Apartment 23 Season 2 Premiere 2012 A Reunion (2)

Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 23 returns with the second season tonight and the summer break only increased the humor in ABC’s comedy. The show opens with a funeral – more specifically, the funeral of Dawson Leery. For years, Chloe talks to James about actually going through with a Dawson’s Creek reunion, and when it looks like James is on board, the truth comes out – no one from the cast ever wants to see James again. A cameo from Busy Philips explains that it had something to do with the boats from the series, and James is just crushed.

This launches James and June into a depression that Chloe can’t get past – why would anyone want to dwell so hard on what’s happened in the past that they’d want to go back to it? James desperately tries to come up with other ideas for a reunion to get back his glory days, and it takes guest star Mark-Paul Gosselaar to run an intervention of sorts and convince James that getting back to his roots isn’t necessary.

Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 23 is still the quirky comedy that it was from the first season, as evidenced by Chloe’s shenanigans, June’s ugly fall sweaters, and James’ over inflated perception of himself. Chloe is one of my favorite characters on screen right now. Not only is she hysterical, but her grip of reality (or lack of) is just so off the wall that it actually makes her more lovable than obnoxious. She’s funny, she’s smart, and she doesn’t take shit from anyone – which are all characteristics that I love to see in a female character.

While I’d love to say that I relate to Chloe and her “live in the moment and screw everyone else” attitude, I’m much more a June – the neurotic, stressed out, “I’m no where near where I thought’d I’d be at this point in my life” goody goody. But that’s what’s great about Apartment 23 – the characters balance each other out in ways that other comedies haven’t achieved quite yet.

For all purposes, Chloe and June should be completely obnoxious, but because they’re both on such extreme sides of the personality spectrum, they work.. and they work damn well together. Add in James and his ego, and Apartment 23 has a working formula that most shows strive for.