Criminal Minds Season 8 Review “God Complex”

Criminal Minds Season 8 Episode 4 God Complex

That’s what I’m talking about, Criminal Minds! I know we’re only four episodes in to the eight season, but “God Complex” had not only the best unsub of the season, but also some great character development for just about everybody’s favorite character: Dr. Reid!

After an incredibly effective opening sequence showing our first victim getting his right leg amputated by the unsub, we get right to one of the most exciting scenes of the episode: Reid’s phone call! Not only do we get introduced to some mysterious woman on the other end of the line that Spencer is clearly somewhat interested in romantically, but we finally get to hear more about his headaches! After being such a big side story in the last year or so, we at last get some kind of explanation as to what’s happened to these migraines.

Meanwhile, our unsub this week was played by the always awesome Ray Wise. Most people might not know him, but odds are you’ve seen something that he’s in over the last 35 years. He’s a great character actor, and he did a wonderful job as a successful and loving husband who doubles as a mad doctor taking limbs from his victims. We mostly see unsubs on Criminal Minds who are loners or antisocial outcasts, but I think the unsub being a “Pillar of the community” is even creepier. The thought that the nice older man down the street that smiles and waves at you from his lawn might secretly be cutting people up is very unsettling. We’re all trained to suspect the creepy guys in the window-less vans, but not this! Definitely the best unsub in quite a while.

Meanwhile, Reid continues to be very cagey about his mystery woman. He asks Alex to drive him to a pay phone, as he thinks her to be the least likely to call him out on his strange behavior, but she totally does! After Alex and Spencer’s weird exchange last week with Alex accusing Spenc of having Aspergers, it was great to see her having the fortitude to call him out. I’m liking Blake a little more as the episodes go on, and she definitely needs more scenes like this to help relate her to the rest of the team members. Also, how awesome was it for her to cover for Reid with Derek?!

The revelation at the end of the episode that the unsubs wife was an amputee wasn’t altogether surprising, but the finale for the episode was great. We still don’t know exactly who Reid’s mystery woman is, but we know that she’s either done something wrong or seems to be married to somebody who doesn’t want her talking to Spenc. I’m really hoping that we get more development on this front soon, and if your heart didn’t melt just a little bit when she told Reid that she loved him, then you are not a real Criminal Minds fan!

Random Thoughts:

– I know that most people probably don’t recognize Ray Wise by name or by sight, but he’s a perennial character actor and has been in a LOT of stuff. He’s been in 24 different TV shows, movies, and short films in 2012 alone.

– I’ve never given blood before (Phobia of needles), but would anybody ever give blood to just one guy in a van all by himself? That would seem very shady to me.

– Spencer and Derek’s scene in the plane was one of the best exchanges we’ve seen on this show in a long time. “Play on, playa”.