Animal Practice (NBC) Review “The Two George Colemans”

Well, here we are. What am I supposed to say about Animal Practice now? It’s a lame duck, just killing time until Whitney swoops in, and talking about it at all seems a little futile, but I’ll try anyway. At the very least, nothing in “The Two George Colemans” is as dismal as George’s mother in last week’s episode. Nothing is particularly great, either, but it’s at least a tiny step up.

When Animal Practice was first announced, the internet was all too ready to make fun of a sitcom starring a monkey, but the show itself has been far too stingy with the animals, if anything. It’s a Halloween episode, and we barely get any animals in costumes. The only real route I think Animal Practice could have taken towards success was the “cheap” one, the cute animals and monkey antics route. Unfortunately, it seemed to have real aspirations to climb out of that hole, but never quite made it all the way above ground. We get an ostrich, which is fantastic, but they really couldn’t have found an excuse to get that ostrich in a costume? Brainstorm: the ostrich could be in the hospital in the first place because of a costume mishap. There. Solved it. Maybe make the monkey ride around on the ostrich at some point?

I know my suggestions are dumb, but quite honestly, dumb is better than boring, and this episode was one hundred percent boring. The flamboyant pet pageant contestant didn’t really fit into the world, the emotional beats between Dorothy and Angela were useless, and as much good will I have for June Diane Raphael (from her work elsewhere, not here), setting Jill up as a foil for George would only really have worked if I had any fondness for George at all, which the series has not earned yet. It also hasn’t earned the ability to have one character dress up as another one for a Halloween episode, which is a trusty sitcom tradition, but one that plays off of the audience’s familiarity and fondness for the characters; we don’t know these people yet.

And now we never will. Animal Practice is going to slowly fart out its last few episodes, then disappear into history, as “that show with the monkey from The Hangover on it”. But even in that world of primate-led comedies, it gets second place at best; it’s nowhere near the level of Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp, which I highly suggest you seek out and watch all of.

How are you guys dealing with the loss of Animal Practice? All-black ensembles and public mourning, or apathetic shrugs?